Sex By The Roadside

Sex By The Roadside

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My fiance and I were on our way home from a friend’s wedding, when the chemistry that had been building between us throughout the day finally came to a head.

It was a beautiful hot summer day, and I was wearing a strappy, tight-fitting sundress. The dress was so clingy that underwear lines would have shown, but I had dealt with this problem by eliminating panties and bra altogether. Mitchell was aware of this fact, and it had been driving him crazy.

Throughout the entire day we whispered about what we were going to do to each other once we got home. Those naughty whispered words, and the feeling of the fabric against my skin were making me extra hot, knowing there were no boundaries except for a thin piece of material between us.

The evening was drawing to a close. My pussy had been damp all day from the heat and the anticipation of being alone with Mitchell, and now I was starting to go a little crazy with desire. We said our polite good-byes to the bride and groom and quickly walked to the car. Once we were on our way, I spread my legs and propped one high-heeled shoe up on the dashboard. My fingers found their way to my pussy, where I began rubbing the juices around. Mitchell was trying to drive but was very distracted by what I was doing. I put my fingers up to his lips, rubbing my pussy wetness on his lips. He pressed my fingers into his mouth, licking up the juices.

“I’ve always thought Mitchell had a beautiful cock, but it never looks better than when it’s throbbing and aching to feel my tight, wet pussy around it.”

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