Mother Against Daughter

Mother Against Daughter

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Last week I went out drinking with my girlfriend Charlotte and my friends Lance and Pete.

Afterward we all returned to Charlotte’s place with some more booze and Chinese takeout.

Charlotte persuaded her mom to join us. Edith, who’s in her early 40s, is quite a looker in her own right (I know Charlotte envies her mom’s boobs, which are much bigger than hers), and though she has dated, she hasn’t had a serious relationship since she divorced Charlotte’s dad about ten years ago. Charlotte said she hadn’t seen her mom have that much fun in ages.

After we ate we watched some late-night TV, and then someone put on one of those semi-adult films on satellite TV, but Lance said that if we wanted, he had some real porn in his car. Edith said, “Really? I never saw a real porno.” So he went to get it and we put it on, and we all made comments while we watched. One of the girls in the film could suck her own tits, and Pete said he bet Edith could do that. Charlotte didn’t seem too thrilled, but her mom laughed.

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