Kind of Fishing He Wasn't Expecting

Kind of Fishing He Wasn't Expecting

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I was supposed to meet my friend Buddy to go fishing that Saturday morning, but when I got to his house at six, his pickup was gone!

I knocked on the door, and his wife Dinah let me in. She said Buddy had gotten an emergency call from work and had gone in, but should be home by ten, if all went well. She offered me a cup of coffee and said I could wait for him if I liked. Since my wife had made plans for the day and I had no other plans, I took the coffee and decided to wait.

Dinah said she was going to take a shower and would be back, so I grabbed a chair and turned the TV on to see the weather. I was engrossed in the news when Dinah came back out. She had changed into a low-cut top without a bra and a pair of short shorts so short that her ass cheeks hung out.

I had never seen Dinah dressed like this before! We often flirted, but that was all. I should say that she’s not a tiny gal — five feet four and maybe 140 pounds, with a big pair of tits I had always wanted to see and play with. I remarked that she better be careful walking about in front of me dressed like that, and she asked in this sexy voice what I would do.

I told her I always wanted to see her beautiful big tits and thought she should let me have a good look. She came over in front of me and bent down so I could look down her top. I could see everything but her nipples, and told her so. She stood up and pulled her top over her head. Oh, to finally get a look at those melons!

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