Just The Right Size

Just The Right Size

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When I first met Viola years ago, she was a wildcat, and she has never changed.

She still looks great — at five feet seven and a hundred thirty pounds, with long legs, a great ass and that hot Puerto Rican blood. When we first started fucking she said she liked my dick. She said it was not too big, not too small, just right for her. Well, that changed.

I used to pick her up for her lunch hour at the bank where she worked. She would eat her lunch from a bag on the ten-minute drive to my place, then jump into the sack and fuck for thirty or forty minutes, and I mean fuck hard. And when she wore me out, my roommates would fuck her too. The harder we’d pump her, the more she’d say, “Harder! Harder! Ram that cock in my cunt!” Then after we finished, she would go back to work with come dripping down her thighs for the rest of the day.

After a couple of months Viola told me that she used to live in Santa Fe with her boyfriend. One day he brought another girl home to live with them, and they had a continual threesome for several months. She would tell me all the details while we were having sex. The harder we fucked, the more she would tell me. She said her boyfriend always fucked the other girl doggie-style and made Viola get underneath and do a 69 with her while also licking his cock and balls. After a while Viola got tired of not getting cock and left.

After she told me all this, I started thinking about how I had never been with two girls, so I suggested we try it. Viola was a little hesitant at first, because she didn’t want the same thing to happen again, but I told her she had nothing to worry about; I would still fuck her all she wanted. I got hold of one of the local swingers’ magazines and arranged a few meetings, but nothing really took off.

After a couple of years, I became the owner of a local strip club. We had totally nude dancers, and X-rated movies in between shows. What with all the strippers around, both local and from out of town, we didn’t have any more trouble arranging threesomes, and we did them quite often.

Then Viola decided she wanted to try doing it with two men, something she hadn’t done since the days of me and my roommates. I tried the swingers’ magazines again, and again nothing worked out, until one day I saw an ad that looked promising. When I called, the advertiser turned out to be a good friend of mine named Earl.

When I told Viola that we were going over to Earl’s for drinks and sex, she was all excited. She shaved her pussy and put on stockings, a garter belt and a dress with no bra or panties. That was the way she always dressed when we went out for sex.

We had a great time with Earl, and Viola enjoyed having plenty of cock for the first time in a while. Soon we were going over there on a regular basis.

Viola and I had an agreement that neither of us would have sex with anybody else unless the other person was around to watch. But after a while I began to suspect that my very passionate girlfriend wasn’t being too conscientious about sticking to that condition. So when Earl decided to throw a Halloween party, I hatched a little plan with him. At one point he would pretend to run out of beer and I would volunteer to go into town and get some. Then I would sneak back and see just what Viola might get up to when she thought I wasn’t around.

Actually it wasn’t much of a party. Viola was the only one who dressed up, and all she did was put on a long black dress and a witch’s hat along with her usual stockings and garter belt — and of course she shaved her pussy. When we walked in, the only people there were Earl, two guys we had never seen before and one very good-looking woman. The two men were from France. Their names were Jean-Claude and Édouard, and they turned out to be brothers, and the woman was the girlfriend of one of them. I don’t remember her name, but she was very sexy.

We sat around talking and drinking for a while, and I could see that Viola was being very flirty with the French guys, who were obviously attracted to her, and with the girl too. Finally Earl, according to our plan, announced that he was out of beer, and I immediately said I would go get some. I went out and drove off, but then I parked down the block, and about two minutes later I snuck back in through the side door.

In the living room I could hear Viola talking to the French girl, telling her how she always shaved her pussy when she was going to have hot sex. The girl, who seemed to be pretty drunk, giggled and said that she kept her pussy shaved all the time. Viola said she had never seen another girl’s shaved pussy (which wasn’t true), and she wondered if she could see if it looked anything like hers.

Well, nobody was fooling anybody here, so at that point they all went in the bedroom. I was able to peek through a crack in the door. The French girl took her clothes off, and Viola said her pussy was beautiful, and the guys agreed. Then Viola turned to the two French guys and said, “Listen, I know what Earl’s cock is like. He’s got about eight inches, and it’s a lot fatter than Roy’s.” (Roy is me.) “Roy’s isn’t even seven inches, and is kind of on the skinny side. Let’s see what a French cock is like.”

The guy named Édouard took his pants off first, and he was a little bigger than Earl. Then Jean-Claude got naked, and though I couldn’t see him very well from my angle, I heard Viola say that his was the biggest cock she had ever seen. She asked him how big it was, and he said it was about ten inches long and four inches in diameter.

“Wow, I’m saving you for last,” Viola said. “First I’m going to taste this beautiful bald pussy.” Though the French girl had no objection, Jean-Claude and Édouard each grabbed one of her feet, raised them up in the air and spread her legs as far as they could, so that Viola could get at her. So Viola started eating her, and as she did so, Earl got in back of Viola, pushed up her dress and fucked her from behind.

After he came, Viola said, “Okay, guys, roll her over on her stomach and put her ass in the air. Earl, you pull one ass cheek open and Jean-Claude, you pull the other one, so I can eat her ass. Édouard, it’s your turn to fuck me.”

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