Gusty Winds

Gusty Winds

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Last week my husband was taking me out for dinner on our tenth anniversary, so that afternoon, while the kids were in school, I went to buy something special to wear.

It was warm but breezy, and I kept having to hold my short summer dress down to keep it from blowing up over my thighs. I saw men staring.

At the shop, just as I took my hands off my dress to grab the door handle, a gust of wind blew the dress up above my butt, revealing my white thong panties. A young guy smiled at me, clearly having seen it all. I darted inside. While I picked out lingerie and a sexy black dress, I flashed back to what happened. I got kind of excited!

Back outside, it was even harder to hold my dress down with only one hand free. Finally I just threw myself at the mercy of the wind, and a lot of happy men got a show. As I was walking across the park, which was fairly deserted, two guys about 18 or 19 were walking toward me when the wind blew my dress up and held it. The boys just stared at my crotch. I walked by them, hiding my excitement with an embarrassed smile.

One boy called out, “Nice view,” and his pal laughed and gave a wolf whistle. I stopped in my tracks and without taking time to think turned to face them and asked if they had something to say. They began to apologize — until I asked if they’d like to see more. I couldn’t believe my boldness, me a 34-year-old married mother teasing boys nearly young enough to be my sons!

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