From "Online" to "IN Person"

From "Online" to "IN Person"

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There is one particular night in my life that still makes me shiver with delight when I think about it.

I was on my way to meet Michael, a man I had been having an online affair with. As the airplane taxied for takeoff, the lusty thoughts of the approaching hours filled my being and sent shivers down my spine. I felt myself getting wetter, and had to readjust my position in order to provide myself with the necessary release that only adept fingers could provide.

Upon arriving, I walked through the airport with butterflies in my belly and a skip in my step. I was going to meet what the Internet had depicted as a wildly handsome man who showed promise of fulfilling all my desires.

At the bar where we were to get together, I ordered a glass of wine to fortify myself with some courage. I stepped back with my long-stemmed glass, turned on my heel, and found myself face to face with Michael. He looked at me with fire in his eyes and swept me out of the bar.

He ushered me into his apartment, where we first shared a glass of champagne. “I am going to kiss you,” he said, as his hands gently caressed my cheeks, and his thumb parted my lips. He gave me the most delicate kiss, then pulled away, daring me to come forward with an unspoken request for more. Our mouths pressed together, and his tongue finally found its way past my lips for a more urgent connection.

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