Break Up The Monotony

Break Up The Monotony

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Recently my wife and I took a road trip to visit relatives of hers.

It was a warm summer day and Kelly was wearing loose-fitting shorts and a T-shirt — without a bra, as usual. (Her perfectly sized and shaped breasts are so firm that she doesn’t need the support.)

As we drove down the highway I put my hand on Kelly’s leg and she moved closer to me. (I love bench seats!) While I caressed her thigh, she set her head back and closed her eyes. She parted her legs slightly, letting my fingers move under her shorts until I felt her silk panties. While I stroked her through the silk, she moaned and spread her legs wider. I felt her getting wet.

After a few minutes Kelly pulled her panties aside, giving me direct access to her pussy. She loves it when I run my fingers softly up and down it. After a few minutes I slid a finger in her. Her shorts and panties were getting in the way, so she yanked them both off and tossed them in back, then lay back again and spread her legs so I could play with her gorgeous pussy. She kept on moaning, saying how good my fingers felt in her pussy.

Kelly pulled her T-shirt off and played with her tits while I played with her pussy. She pulled gently on her erect nipples and squeezed her tits together. I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road! As we were riding, a big truck pulled up on our right side. When the trucker saw what was going on, he got a big grin. He watched my naked wife play with her tits while I played with her pussy for the next few miles. Then he gave a thumbs-up as he passed us.

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