World's Best Husband

World's Best Husband

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A man eager to see his wife with other lovers presents his lady with temptations too great to resist.

I had to get positively Machiavellian in order to get my wife, Darla, into bed with Matthew, a guy from my job. More than that, I had to arrange their hookup so they thought it was actually their idea. I also had to make sure they believed I didn’t know anything about it — because I wanted to watch them fuck.

That last was the sweetest — and most selfish — part of it. I loved watching Darla have sex with other men. I had met her in college. One night, before we’d even dated, she came back to the dorm with my roommate. They were shushing each other and giggling. I was in bed, pretending to be asleep. I peeked out from the covers and watched the two of them screw.

It was a fantastic experience. Darla was — and is — a gorgeous dark-haired woman, with full breasts and smooth skin. I watched her with my roommate, who was a slender, tattooed guy. Darla was acrobatic, adventurous and inventive.

As they fucked and sucked on the other side of the room, I silently jerked off under my covers. It was an incredibly exciting episode, better than some of the actual sex I’d had at the time.

After that, I pursued Darla relentlessly. We dated, then started a serious relationship. We fell in love, and marriage followed a few years later. By then we both had good jobs and moved into a nice house.

I never told Darla about watching her that night in the dorm, but the images had never left me.

I wasn’t built anything like my wiry former roommate. I was more like a linebacker, with strong limbs and a thick solid musculature. Also, I didn’t have any tattoos — and never wanted any. But Darla loved me and certainly found me desirable. We’d had a great sex life our whole marriage. But in our earliest wedded years I began to realize she had a secret hankering for males with a body type completely different from mine — ones that were more like my former dorm-mate.

As I had already observed, Darla was sexually adventuresome. We would watch porn movies together occasionally, just to spice things up. I noticed she got especially hot whenever there was a skinny guy on screen, and if that dude had tattoos, she would blaze with excitement. She loved the look.

Afterward, she would fuck like a dynamo. I was sure she was playing images from the movie in her head, imagining herself screwing the lean, inked-up performer. I found I didn’t mind that at all. Jealousy is for teenagers, I’ve always thought.

So I got it into my head that I wanted to see her in action again. I just needed to find a guy who would get her so excited she wouldn’t be able to help herself.

I couldn’t just go to Darla and tell her all this. A few times over the years I had subtly tried to approach her with the notion of her having an extramarital lover. But she had backed off the idea immediately, seeming horrified. I’d had to pretend I was just kidding.

We were friends with most of our neighbors, and one night Gail, who lived next door, was throwing a pool party and invited us. Darla and I went, enjoying the festivities. Gail introduced us to her cousin Logan, who was visiting for a couple days. He was an electrician.

Logan was a handsome specimen, but more than that, I could see he was the kind of trim taut male that piqued Darla’s sexual interest. I caught the gleam in her eye as we all chatted. Later, Logan stripped down to swimming trunks and swam in the pool under the summer stars.

Darla stood at the edge of the water, fairly gawking at the slim, athletically built man whose body just happened to be rife with — you guessed it — tattoos. I hid a grin as Darla trembled visibly with desire.

Before we left the party, I pulled Logan aside. I had already mentally concocted my scheme. He told me he would be glad to come over to our place tomorrow afternoon to look at the wiring in the bedroom.

On our way home, I casually mentioned tomorrow’s appointment to Darla. I would be at work, and she wouldn’t. Would she mind letting Logan in?

The hardest part was sneaking back into the house the next day and hiding myself in the cramped closet. I felt almost like a burglar. It was a long wait, but the anticipation built in me. I could see out through the closed door’s tiny slats into our bedroom.

Logan came in with a toolbox, and Darla followed. Inside of ten minutes he’d fixed the minor outlet issue I’d caused myself that morning. Darla tried to pay him the fee I’d offered the previous night, but he smiled dismissively and shook his head, telling her it was nothing.

From my vantage I could see the lust on Darla’s lovely face. I could also see she was a bit torn about making a move on him, which I put down to her instincts toward fidelity. Although she was fiercely attracted to this man, she didn’t want to hurt me. I couldn’t explain to her that screwing him would be the opposite of causing me hurt!

Logan was subtly responding to her obvious interest, but he, too, was a little reluctant. I watched them circling each other for several minutes. I wanted them to get on with it so badly I could’ve screamed. But I bit my lip and stayed silent. I would be patient.

She asked him about his tattoos, and he started telling her about them. He rolled up a sleeve to show her one, then tugged the shirt off his shoulder to display another. Darla’s eyes got bigger and bigger. Suddenly, she lunged toward him and started pulling off the rest of his clothes.

Logan was startled, but he was too turned on to stop her. Darla stripped him naked. Her shivering hands touched his inked skin, caressing his slender physique. His cock stood out, bold and hard. Darla then dropped her clothes, as well.

They moved together onto the bed. She jerked his cock while he fingered her glistening pussy. Shuddering with excitement myself, I silently drew out my throbbing meat and started jacking.

I enjoyed the sight of the two of them kissing fiercely. Logan sucked on her luscious tits, then worked his way down until his face was between her legs. Darla groaned and growled as he ate her, rocking her hips and mashing her pussy against his mouth.

As she took his cock into her mouth, I worked my straining rod harder. Sweat flowed down my body beneath my clothes. Excitement of primeval strength thrummed in me. Darla sucked Logan’s cock down to his balls as he moaned with pleasure.

“Darla rode him wildly, impaling herself on his cock again and again.”

When they started fucking, I had to struggle to remain absolutely quiet.

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