Wild Ride

Wild Ride

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After an extended happy hour, my fuck buddy Justin and I fell into the back of the cab, laughing and kissing and clawing at one another’s clothes.

I barely understood Justin as he rattled off his address to the driver. He lived a good 20-minute ride from our current location.

Could I wait that long to screw him?

I settled into my seat, determined to curb my desires and find the patience I’d need to keep my hands to myself for the rest of the ride.

Of course, I knew that didn’t mean Justin wouldn’t try to tempt me. The minute I pulled away from him, his fingers found the edge of my skirt and toyed with the hem. He rolled the material between his fingers, making the fabric bunch and slide higher up my thighs. It didn’t take long for him to push the skirt so high my legs were completely exposed. Only a whisper of fabric remained, keeping my panties from view.

I tried to ignore Justin’s advances, content to save all of the maddening tension building in my body for later when we were alone. But then his fingers slid over my underwear and grazed my slit, sending any self-control I had left flying out the window.

Right at that moment, we hit a major wall of traffic. I stole a glance toward the front of the cab in time to catch our driver flipping off another car that had just cut us off. He was obviously distracted, giving me the courage I needed to surrender completely to Justin’s advances.

I spread my legs wider, allowing my thighs to fall open as far as the cramped backseat would allow. My black lace panties were completely visible. The hem of my skirt was bunched up near the top of my hips.

Then Justin’s fingers slipped beneath the fabric and pushed it to the side, exposing my pussy, which was already wet. He spread my juices over my swollen cunt lips, his fingers sliding easily with the aid of my slippery sauce.

Pursing my lips, I swallowed a moan. My eyes fluttered closed, and I let my body go limp, sinking deeper into the seat. The change in position caused Justin’s fingers to slip from my pussy lips to my clit, sending a jolt of pleasure through my body.

This time I couldn’t stifle my moan. The strangled gasp escaped right as the car stopped short, sending Justin and I both skidding on the leather seat.

Justin chuckled and lifted my body onto his lap, kissing and nuzzling my neck — and not caring at all about the driver. During the maneuver, the crotch of my undergarment shifted back into place. While his mouth attended to my neck, Justin’s fingers traced little circles over the front of my soaked panties, making my nerves go haywire. My moist underwear clung to my pussy lips, intensifying every stroke of his fingers. My body hummed with sexual excitement, torn between rushing toward release and savoring a leisurely journey to climax. Fortunately, Justin’s fingers snuck back beneath my undies, making the decision for me.

Justin slid his digits along my slit before plunging a finger into my hole, shoving it in and out of me until I saw stars. Try as I might, there was no way that I could hold back the groan that rumbled through my chest. If the driver hadn’t been aware of what we were up to before, by that point he knew for sure! Forcing my eyes open, I looked at the rearview mirror. Our driver met my gaze in the reflection.

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