Whimpering with Pleasure

Whimpering with Pleasure

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Most everybody thinks their sex life is complicated. Maybe their lover doesn’t completely fulfil their needs, or they can’t let go of an ex’s memory? Or maybe they’re a bisexual woman, like I am, and their situation is especially complex.

I wanted a monogamous relationship. I really liked having a steady lover. Problem was, whenever I had a boyfriend, I wanted the taste of pussy on my tongue. But when I was with a girlfriend, even one perfect for me emotionally and physically, I couldn’t help but crave hard cock and the muscular feel of a man. Yet I envied people in committed relationships. I wanted it both ways — literally.

One night I went out to a party put on by the company I worked for. I was currently between lovers, feeling a little dejected because of my peculiar dilemma. Still, I could look around at the other guests.

I first spotted the woman. She had a sweet shape, with breasts high and firm. When she turned away, I took note of her taut rounded ass. My eyes followed her. I liked the way she moved with an unself-conscious grace.

What would she be like in bed? I had no trouble imagining her naked. I pictured her nipples stiff, her pussy slick, her eyes glowing with desire. I would kiss her. Our mouths would move softly against one another. Then the kiss would deepen, our hands would explore each other’s bodies. Soon we would be rolling around, pussies grinding together, flesh mingling, tongues flashing.

Excitement had my pulse speeding. I laughed silently at myself. The woman had moved off, going out onto the grounds surrounding the corporate space where the party was being held. She would have no idea I’d just heavily fantasized about her.

But since I was indulging in sexual daydreams, I decided it was only fair to pick out a guy as well. Standing by myself, I scanned the scenery. There were any number of reasonably handsome men here, but I waited until I saw one who gave me the serious tingles.

He was a looker with an athletic physique. Like the woman earlier he too moved with a confident ease that wasn’t arrogant, just assured. I imagined him nude as well. I gave him a good-sized cock. Then I pictured myself on a bed with him. I handled his thick shaft. His hands groped my tits. Then I got up on him and rode him until we were both howling with orgasmic glee.

Again, I laughed, this time out loud. Suddenly I felt a bit ridiculous. I was an adult woman, fantasizing like a horny schoolgirl. The man had disappeared into the crowd, I realized.

I found that my cocktail glass was empty. I didn’t want another drink. Maybe it was time to leave. I was only worsening my current feeling of loneliness.

Grabbing my coat, I headed out to the parking lot. Just as I was reaching my car, someone called out, “Hey, are you leaving?”

I knew plenty of people at the party of course, but it wasn’t any of them who’d followed me out. When I saw who it was, my jaw about hit the pavement with disbelief. It was the woman. And the man. The very two I’d singled out for individual fantasies.

They approached me together, smiling. The man said, “My name’s Mick and this is my girlfriend Tina. We’d been hoping to talk to you.”

I still could only stare.

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