Totally Plugged

Totally Plugged

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I’d quietly admired my biking teammate, Ana, from afar for quite some time. Lagging behind our group, I’d find myself fixated on Ana’s ass and how it molded over the edges of her seat, bouncing and jiggling with every bump we hit.

After months of admiring Ana, fantasizing about burying myself inside her, we finally hooked up. One encounter led to two, then three and four. Before long we discovered a mutual propensity for exhibitionism and ass-play.

One night as we lay in bed lazily stroking one another’s backs, Ana proposed a way we might have more fun while biking with our team.

The following morning, we put our plan into action. I was so excited by the idea of Ana attending our team’s practice session with a butt plug in place that my dick stood at attention the second she got an all fours and parted her cheeks.

Our teammates knew we were dating, but no one would ever suspect that we’d bring our foreplay into a team practice.

But we would know.

Forcing myself to ignore the raging erection slapping against my thigh, I focused instead on the dark-pink puckered circle dotting the center of Ana’s ass and prepared to prime her for the plug.

Placing one hand on either hip, I squeezed my fingers until they sank into her soft flesh. Ana’s thighs were thick and her ass plump. I loved the round fullness of her cheeks and the way they pressed against my pelvis when I took her from behind.

Feeling it was only appropriate to pay homage to something I loved so much, I brushed my lips over one cheek, then the other. Spurred on by the sigh that Ana heaved after my second kiss, I turned my attention to the hole nestled between her cheeks. I traced the edges using the tip of my tongue, circling slowly so that I could feel the fine creases lining her skin.

When Ana shoved her ass in my face, I pulled back, knowing it was time to take this a step further. Swirling my tongue over my pinky finger, I made sure the digit was good and slippery before pressing the pad against Ana’s asshole. I circled the puckered skin slowly, spreading my saliva until she glistened.

Adding a bit of lube to the mix, I massaged Anna’s asshole until her back bowed and little mews of pleasure fell from her lips. Once my finger could slide along Ana’s skin without resistance, I dipped the tip into her hole.

Like a silken Chinese finger trap, the deeper I pushed my finger, the tighter her hold on me became. Eager to help Ana relax, I placed my free hand on the base of her spine and began to gently stroke her back. With every sweep of my hand, Ana’s muscles became more pliant, enabling me to slip a second finger inside her hole.


Ana’s throaty scream echoed off her bedroom walls.

My cock pulsed in response. I wanted to hear that again.

Reaching around to Ana’s front, I found her clit and began to massage her.

Groaning, Ana rocked her hips against my hand. Of course, the action shifted her ass as well.

My hand followed her movements, my fingers still firmly nestled inside her tush. Taking advantage of the fact that I was holding Ana from both the back and the front, I steadied her hips and used a third finger to stretch her asshole even wider.

Ana wasn’t moving anywhere. Instead she relaxed against me, sighing contentedly as I continued to massage her body from the inside out.

Finally satisfied that Ana was stretched wide enough to comfortably accept the plug we’d selected, I eased my fingers from her hole.

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