Totally Lit

Totally Lit

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Now that I was single, I was doing all the stuff Marcie, my ex, hated but I loved.

I’d eaten at a Vietnamese restaurant, watched subtitled movies and moved onto what she’d disliked most — being outdoors.

The park was huge, full of valleys, hills and lakes. I’d gone off the trails. I could almost hear Marcie’s voice: Nick, you’re going to get us lost! But she grew fainter with every step.

Even so, I was lost. But that didn’t worry me. I had time to ponder. I realized I’d stayed with Marcie so long because she had big tits and shiny blonde hair, which weren’t smart reasons to stick with somebody who’s not right for you.

I hiked on, driving myself hard, feeling alternately horny and exhilarated. This had become like a spirit quest. I topped a rise and had a view into the next valley. There was a lake, and I spotted movement on it.

I got my binoculars out of my pack and froze. Someone was swimming the medium-sized lake, crossing it with quick, athletic strokes. Flesh flashed in the sun. I saw a tight bare female ass breaking the surface of the water.

She swam the length, then came back. Dark hair streamed out behind her. As she reached the edge where her clothes were, I told myself I should stop watching. Then again, she was swimming nude in the great outdoors. How could she expect total privacy?

Besides, by now I had a hard-on. She was quite a distance away, but the binocular lenses were powerful. I watched with a shivery excitement as she emerged from the lake. Water dripped off her lovely body. She was taut with trim muscles. Her tits were high and firm. She dried herself, her movements graceful, sensual.

I stopped short of pulling out my cock and jerking myself off to that gorgeous sight, thinking that would be over the line. But I savored every inch of her. She dressed and set off in the opposite direction, heading up a hill.

The day was getting late. Even lost, I knew if I headed back I would hit one of the park’s main trails. But impulsively I started after her, though I was far behind. If she was going up that hill, I would hopefully find her at the top. There I’d introduce myself, and maybe if I was charming enough, we could get to know each other.

The hill turned out to be more like a mountain. A quarter of the way up, I realized how foolish this was. Evening was coming on and clouds were rolling in. I was fatigued now. I kept on climbing because horny guys don’t always make the best decisions. Images of that wet naked body goaded me on, not that I had any right to think I would ever see her naked again.

When I was halfway up the hill, the rain started. The darkness thickened. I could barely see now. I persevered. If there was shelter up top, I had to reach it. I slogged up through mud, over slick rocks. This had gotten treacherous and more than a little scary.

I was a few hundred yards from the hilltop when the lightning began. The first flash made me jump. Thunder rolled in behind it, and I felt tiny and vulnerable in this big wilderness. With the last of my strength, I sprinted for the peak.

Another bolt of lightning turned everything white. Only in the afterimage did I see the cabins. I raced to the nearest one. Panting, drenched, I tumbled inside. There was a light switch, but no light came on. A new lightning flash lit a window, and I saw this was a rustic room, with little more than a bed and a stove. The thunder crashed, loud enough to shake the roof.

I set down my pack and stripped off my wet clothes. I sat on the bed, getting my breath. The situation was crazy, but at least I was out of the storm.

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