Three Wishes

Three Wishes

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One of the fun facts you don’t appreciate until you’re older is that no matter what your age is, you still get to call the man you’re seeing your boyfriend.

Just like I was Luke’s girlfriend, even though we were both in our mid-40s.

Another fact I’d recently discovered, one even more fun than the first, was that my sex drive hadn’t diminished one iota after I’d hit middle age. I was still, essentially, the horny hellcat I’d been as a college girl. Keeping myself in shape was part of the program. If I wanted to be a sexy cougar, I should look the role, I thought.

And Luke, who I’d been seeing for several months, evidently couldn’t get enough of me. He had gotten out of an unpleasant marriage after many years, and now he fucked like someone just released from prison.

For his birthday, he wanted a quiet celebration. Just me and him and a cake. For once, he seemed a little down. Usually he was ebullient, with a wicked sparkle in his eye, like we were going to sneak off and make out under the bleachers. I loved that youthful spirit in him. He was also a damn fine-looking guy, with a body as well kept as mine.

He blew out his birthday candles, then stared dully at nothing.

“Make a wish,” I cajoled him. “Actually, why don’t you make three? You look like you could use a couple extra.”

Luke managed a smile. “Okay. Three? How about long life, good health and…?”


The familiar sparkle came back to his eyes, then he looked embarrassed. “It’s ridiculous.”

I draped an arm over his strong shoulders and kissed him. “Tell me.”

Finally, he said, “It’s just… I married young and was hitched for so long. I feel I missed out on a lot. There are fantasies I never fulfilled when I was younger. And now, with yet another birthday, I feel like it’s too late for some things.”

It sounded like midlife crisis talk. But I wanted to hear his fantasies, so I coaxed him to tell me more.

“I always wanted to have a threeway,” he confessed. “Always wanted to have sex with two women at the same time.” He flinched, probably hoping I wouldn’t burst out laughing — or storm out in anger.

I didn’t do either. Instead, I grinned and said, “There’s no harm in wishing.”

I had lots of friends and ex-lovers, a wide spectrum of potential players to choose from for something like that. But the matter required some thought. Luke really had missed out on a lot of fun. He was a sweet, sexy, caring man with a nice cock who deserved better than he’d gotten from life.

If he wanted to redress the wrongs of his past, maybe I should seek out someone who could help recreate his formative sexual years. That meant Stevie. She was a smoking-hot 20-something. We’d had a torrid affair last year and had kept in touch. She liked men, too, and I felt sure she would be game for this.

Luke didn’t know about my machinations. A week after his confession, he’d seemingly forgotten his birthday wish, but I knew that desire still burned within him.

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