The Old Haunt

The Old Haunt

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When I looked out my dorm room window, I saw a spectral shape wafting over the empty quad. An automatic jolt went through me, then I laughed out loud. Holy shit! Arlene was really doing it.

As if she’d heard me down there, the figure wearing the pastel bedsheet twirled in a circle. The edges of the covering lifted with the spin, and I saw bare calves, then bare thighs, then the sweet promise of Arlene’s shaved pussy. Instantly, my cock sprang into ready hardness.

I’d been hot for Arlene for months. But I’d been studying like a son of a bitch, trying to keep my grades up so my folks wouldn’t yank me out college. It was why I was still there during spring break, when the campus just about emptied out, leaving only a small group of misfits and loners. The place was like a ghost town as everybody lit out for beaches and other exotic getaways.

Not me. I was beating my head against these books. It hadn’t left much time for socializing or romance. Arlene was a gorgeous girl with a wicked wit, but she liked elaborate games, toying with guys until they went half out of their minds. But I hadn’t had time to play with her.

It was too bad for me. I had a suspicion she really liked me back, but she had to keep up appearances. She’d told me how the school turned into a ghost town every spring break. Since she wasn’t going anywhere either, she had told me in her cryptic way, “I’m gonna haunt the campus, Craig. If you’re around you might see yourself a sexy ghost!”

I hadn’t known what that meant. Now I did. I jumped up and pressed myself to the window. I watched Arlene dance about below in nothing but that bedsheet, getting enticing glimpses of her smoking body beneath it.

She put out her hand and waved at me, in a come-here gesture. That lifted the sheet high enough to give me a peek at her luscious tits. My cock throbbed painfully in my jeans.

“She rolled onto her back, and I kissed and licked my way down her body.”

Arlene’s message was clear. I should join her — but I would have to totally commit to this crazy thing she was doing. Deep down, I knew that. She was that kind of girl. Crazy, but in a really fun way.

For five full seconds I froze. It felt like one of life’s momentous decisions. Do something brave and crazy, or play it safe and possibly regret it forever.

I’ve never been one for regrets.

I flung off my clothes and grabbed a sheet off my bed. It was kinda threadbare, so it was sheer enough to see through once it was over my head, which made it perfect for this insane stunt.

I scurried out and down the stairs. The night air was warm as I stepped out into it.

Upon seeing me, Arlene jumped up and down with happiness, which gave me another look at her pussy as the sheet flew about her petite body. She made a loud ghostly “woooooo” sound and ran off over the grassy quad. I caught a glimpse of her naked ass and went hurrying after her.

I felt the grass under my bare feet. My own bedsheet was fluttering behind me, probably exposing my butt to anybody who happened to be around. The sense of exposure was intense. But there was a strange charge to it, like discovering a particular sex act for the first time.

I knew I should have felt foolish, but I was too turned on to care.

The night air kicked up into a soft breeze that further fluttered our costumes. I pursued Arlene across the grass. I made “woooooo” noises along with her, so that we both sounded like cartoon ghosts — or complete idiots, depending on the audience. Around us the mostly vacated dorms stood, just a few windows lit. What would one of those oddballs in there think if they looked outside and saw us?

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