The Married Man

The Married Man

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One night as I sat alone in a restaurant having a quiet dinner, a remarkably attractive young woman who looked to be about 25 stepped inside.

She went straight to the phone booth by the front door, sat down, and crossed her legs as she made a call. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She talked for about ten minutes. After hanging up she walked across the room, keeping her eyes fixed on me, and stopped in front of my table.

“If you’re going to leer at me like that I would at least like to know who you are,” she said. I asked if I could buy her a drink, expecting her to say no. Instead she took a seat across from me. Instantly I felt electricity in the air. After a drink and a lot of small talk, I asked if she would like to go with me to see the ocean at night. Her eyes lit up, and she was soon following me in her car down to the beach, where my wife and I have a small summer cottage.

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