The Local Attraction

The Local Attraction

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Spring break hookups are awesome. Though I’d been getting plenty of pussy back on campus, sometimes my relationships grew complicated. So I was ready for some no-strings-attached fun.

I was glad when I’d met another guy on the prowl. Hank was also a senior, attending a university not far from mine. He’d come south to unwind, just like me. We had met at a bar and hit it off in a way that made it seem like we’d been separated at birth.

We were having a great time hanging out — splashing around in the hotel

pool, cruising for chicks on the beach and checking out tourist traps. All the while we swapped stories, amazed at how much we had in common. We laughed nonstop, constantly cracking each other up.

The prospect of a low-key getaway with a new friend was, frankly, a huge relief after dealing with the emotional complexities of juggling multiple girls

at school.

On our second or third day, Hank and I found ourselves at the beach again. We’d swum out together, going as far as we could until we grew weary. When we’d finally returned to the shore, we laid on beach towels spread across the hot sand and watched the slow green waves wash in while we baked in the sunshine.

“Man, it’s so relaxing here,” I said for maybe the umpteenth time.

Hank chuckled and said, “You really must’ve needed a break.”

“There was a little too much drama in my life,” I explained, speaking the truth.

“I wouldn’t mind some drama,” he said, nodding toward a woman in a yellow bikini, who was emerging from the water. “Like that sweet piece of drama right there.”

I gave the chick a good look and guessed she was around our age. The beach babe reached up to pull back her wet hair, thrusting out her ample tits. I liked how the little cups of the bikini top barely held her boobs.

She was very pretty with a toned body that was well worth flaunting.

“Hey,” I said, “if you want her, go see if she’s interested. I won’t stop you.”

But Hank said nothing, just continued to stare at her. But the woman soon seemed aware of the attention. She came over to us, moving with a slinky ease.

“Now’s your chance,” I muttered under my breath as Hank sat up.

“Hey, how you doing?” he said to her, the epitome of cool.

But she seemed light years cooler, giving Hank a long, appraising look and then doing the same to me. I liked the almost palpable feel of her gaze, and my cock stirred in my swim trunks.

“I’m good,” she finally said. “My name’s Jenny.”

We introduced ourselves, and Hank asked, “Are you down here for spring break?”

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