The Gift

The Gift

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I love the letters in your magazine where spouses give the gift of threesomes to their partners.

Usually it’s a woman inviting another woman into bed for her husband. But my situation was a little different…

For Valentine’s Day, I invited a man into my lesbian marital bed.

I am totally gay and have never been interested in men. But my wife, Stella, identifies as bisexual. She’s had many liaisons with men, but since we’ve been together she’s been monogamous. But I can tell she’s missed getting dick. When we see a really good-looking guy walk by she’ll stare, though she does her best to be discreet. And her favorite sex act is me fucking her with a strap-on. I had to face it, my girl still craved cock.

I’m not the jealous type and thought she might appreciate having some playtime with a guy. Some of my friends’ threesomes ended up awkward because the wife got jealous of the other woman, but it wouldn’t go that way with us. For me, it was all about Stella.

It didn’t take much thinking for me to come up with the perfect guy: our neighbor Omar, who’s constantly flirting with us. Of course, he knows we’re married, but it’s all in fun and not creepy at all. He’s tall, dark and handsome, if you’re into that. Of course, he’s enraptured by Stella, who is a stunning femme. She’s lean and lanky like a model and grew up in Europe, so she has a posh accent. I’m not quite as glam. I keep my hair short and spiky — right now it’s dyed blonde — and I never wear dresses, skirts or high heels. Sneakers, jeans and T-shirts are my usual uniform.

While Stella was out running errands, I stopped by Omar’s place. We’re such close friends that we can drop in on each other without notice. He even keeps his apartment door unlocked during the day. I knocked and entered, finding him playing a video game in the living room. He waved hello, but kept his eyes locked on the screen. I had to wait until he killed some more mutants before he would talk to me.

“What’s up?” he asked, after he’d advanced a round and saved his place.

“Would you like to fuck Stella?” I asked as he took a sip of soda.

He did one of the best spit-takes I’ve ever seen. Then he asked if it was April Fool’s Day instead of Valentine’s.

I told him, “No, this is for real. I want to give her a man for Valentine’s Day. I know you want to fuck her. I even think you want to fuck me — but that’s not happening. I’ll be there, but this is all about pleasing Stella.”

He didn’t have to think too hard. He didn’t have a steady girlfriend. I told him to make no Valentine’s plans.

“That’s not a problem,” he said dryly. “All that was on tap for me was beer.”

The day finally came. I told Stella I was making her a romantic dinner. I’m not much of a cook, but I did my best, getting candles, wineglasses and everything. After dinner we went to the sofa and started making out.

My tongue was tangling with Stella’s when Omar rang the bell, at precisely the time I’d requested. Stella broke off the kiss and asked, “Who could that be?”

“I’ll get it,” I said, jumping up.

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