The Buddy System

The Buddy System

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Scott reconnects with his sexy older neighbor, who brings along a hot new friend to their risqué reunion.

During Spring Break, I went back home instead of going to the beach like so many of my classmates. My folks decided to have a party while I was there and invited most of the neighbors. 

I’d been told Rose would be attending, which piqued my interest. Of all the girls I’d dated at college, not one of them could hold a candle to Rose, the married cougar who lived across the street.

She and I had messed around with one another before I’d left for college. She was in her mid-40s and had the kind of body that only improved with age: more muscle, less fat and a better tan. She was hot — and she knew it. 

Several days a week during my last semester of high school, I worked at a part-time job after going to classes until midafternoon. Additionally, every so often, Rose would have me come over and do odd jobs if her husband, Roger, was not around.

She was always dressed to kill, and everything about her radiated sex. She had short brown hair, blue eyes and full lips, and her body was sublime — exquisitely firm yet shapely. In the summer, she’d often wear white short shorts, showing off the beautiful legs she maintained with hours of yoga and Pilates. She never wore panties, so I could always discern a noticeable hint of her slit as her tight shorts got jammed up into her crotch.

Fortunately, I could see her home’s front door from my room across the street. I’d linger at my windowsill after the mail carrier’s arrival, just to see her jog up to the mailbox and fetch the mail. Since that was usually her pool time, she’d often wear a skimpy bikini that allowed her full breasts to bounce enticingly as she ran up the walk. After catching a glimpse of her bronzed flesh, I’d lean back, stroking my cock and wishing for the chance to get her alone — and one day I finally did.

I’d shown up a bit early one day when she was home alone and had asked me over to do a simple home repair. But before I could get started on my task, she’d asked me for another favor.

“Of course, I’m here to help,” I said, following her without question.

I walked a few paced behind her, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was wearing a formfitting, short blue dress that made my mouth water. Her stride was controlled, determined and confident. I was mesmerized.

In the master bedroom, she opened the closet door and pointed, asking me to get a pair of shoes from the top shelf.

“I just can’t reach them on my own. Here, I’ll show you.”

I must have had a look of disbelief on my face because she pursed her lips, gave me a wink and proceeded to climb the ladder. At first, I assumed she was just trying to point out which shoes she desired. I was wrong.

At the top of the ladder, she reached out as far as she could, but the box was just out of her reach. But my eyes didn’t linger long on her outstretched arm because I realized she wasn’t wearing panties. Her cunt was right there, mere feet from my face. There was no G-string to be had, no silk or satin or cotton. My eyes drank in the sight of her naked ass and exposed pussy. There appeared to be a small tuft of brown hair covering her mound, but the rest of her slit was as smooth as her legs. She had thick, full cunt lips that looked like a split-open piece of meaty fruit. In my mind, I imagined letting my tongue explore her folds while she held my head in place.

“See?” she asked.

I thought the word “yes” and tried to say it, but nothing came out. So I nodded in response.

“You’re so much taller than me. You should be able to reach them. Usually Roger would get them for me, but he’s not here.”

She descended, smiling knowingly at me. I got on the ladder, scampered up and quickly grabbed the shoes. As I was coming back down, I felt her hands on either side of my waist.

“I don’t want you to fall,” she said, her voice filled with false concern.

I felt her fingers wandering, stroking over my abs, which had tensed upon her touch. Once I was back on the floor, I handed her the shoebox, and from it, she withdrew a pair of four-inch blue velvet pumps that matched her dress.

“Usually after Roger gets my shoes, I ask him how I look in my outfit, and depending on the answer… well… ” She smiled seductively, and I quickly realized what she was implying.

She stood there with her perfectly manicured fingers resting on her shapely hips, well aware that I knew her pussy was bare beneath her dress.

“But he’s not here, so I’ll have to ask you. How do I look?”

I took a breath and couldn’t think of what to say. She was unlike any other girl who’d ever come on to me in my mere 18 years. She was a real bona fide woman who had decades of sexual experience.

“You’re beautiful,” I responded, my dick stiffening as she moved to within a breath of me. She stood so close, I could smell her — could feel the heat of her.

“Good answer.”

In a flash, her hands unbuttoned my pants and she slipped a hand around my steely cock. Her fingers were soft and warm against my hardness, and she gripped me with lustful intent.

She squatted down before me, her short dress riding high on her thighs. I could smell the scent of her aroused sex, pungent and musky. One of her hands cupped my balls, while the other reached down to rub her clit.

“I’ve been watching you from my bedroom window, Scott. You mowing the yard without a shirt on. I’ve always wanted to suck you off.”

With that, she gripped me at my base and enveloped my cock with her hot, wet mouth. I groaned, not believing that this hot, older woman was actually blowing me.

She started on my cockhead with a gentle, constant pressure and then swallowed me completely until I felt the tip of my dick deep in her throat. Her tongue roamed the underside of my shaft until it hit the base, teasing me there with ticklish flicks. She totally devoured me like she hadn’t had a cock in months. She moaned, and the deep rumble of her voice helped stoke my passion. She looked up at me, her eyes intense and hungry. The sight of her, combined with her oral skills, made me come in her mouth. She groaned as she swallowed my load, fingering herself frantically and making herself climax seconds after I did.

I could barely breathe as I heard the slightest hint of the garage door opening downstairs — Roger!

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