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Hanna, my wife, had a more intimate relationship with her friend Debbie than she let on, or so I’d always suspected.

The two had gone to college together and had stayed in touch since, though they lived on opposite sides of the country. They talked on the phone, and they emailed — a lot. What I overheard of their communications almost sounded like code to me.

Had they been lovers in school? Hanna said no. Did I believe her? I wasn’t sure. We’d been married more than a year, and I loved my wife… but Debbie was a kind of question mark hovering over Hanna’s past for me.

I’d thought maybe all would be revealed on an upcoming weekend. Debbie and her husband, Burt, were flying in to spend time with us.

I’d already met Debbie, an extremely attractive woman. Physically, she was very similar to Hanna. They were both fit and slim, and even had the same lush hair. Debbie’s husband, Burt, was new to me though. When they arrived at the house, I sized him up. He was my height and build, friendly and well spoken.

Hanna and Debbie were obviously ecstatic to see one another again. They hugged over and over, talking a mile a minute, and only occasionally remembered that Burt and I were present. We got the visitors installed in the guest room, and then we all went out to eat.

At the restaurant the two women included us in their dialogue. I talked some about my job in finance, and Burt spoke about his profession. I could see that Burt and his wife were genuinely in love, which made me feel a bit guilty that I kept stealing looks at Debbie. She wore a silk top that outlined her luscious-looking breasts, and I wondered what it would be like to nuzzle her neck and kiss my way down, till her legs spread and I could lick her wet pussy.

I kicked myself mentally as Hanna and Debbie launched into tales from their college days. They were pretty uproarious, though I’d heard a few before. They were the sorts of shenanigans they couldn’t believe they’d participated in, even to this day. I had met Hanna just after she graduated. I learned that Burt hadn’t known Debbie during college, either.

We had wine with our meal, and maybe that loosened my tongue a tad. Suddenly, I heard myself ask, “So, Debbie, what kind of guys did Hanna date at school?”

There was a beat of silence at the table. Then Debbie said, “She dated the same kind of guys I did.” She and Hanna traded a look and burst into laughter. Plainly, it was some inside joke.

I let it go. But Burt didn’t and said, “Come on, you two. Debbie never really talks about her romantic past. So I’ll ask Hanna the same question. What kind of guys was my wife into in school?”

Silence again, but it was a bit more tense this time. I could tell Burt was serious about wanting to know more.

Again, the women looked at one another, as if telepathically communicating. Once more I wondered if they’d had an affair back in the day. I would have been fine with that, but I just wanted some answers.

“Well… ” Hanna said.

“Well… ” Debbie added.

“Well?” Burt and I asked sharply at the same time.

Hanna reached out and took my hand. Debbie took Burt’s.

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