Spin Cycle

Spin Cycle

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“If you give those to my mom she’ll wash them.”

I looked down at my dark gray sweatpants and shook my head. “Dude, these are gross. They’ve got blood and mud on them from football.” I looked at the crotch and laughed. “And probably some jizz, too. Not sure.”

Caleb laughed. “She won’t bat an eyelash. I saw her down in the laundry room a few minutes ago. If you hurry, she’ll throw them in.”

“She’s your mom. You ask her,” I said, thrusting the pants at him.

He held up his hands. “Dude, I’m not touching them. They’re disgusting.” Then he jogged off to the bathroom to take a shower.

I hurried down the hall and took the steps fast. I didn’t have anything else to wear that week except the jeans I had on — and they weren’t all that clean either. I really didn’t want to ask Caleb’s mother to wash my pants. Jenny was a single mom who worked from home. The last thing she needed was more laundry.

That was what was running through my head as I collided with her.

I dropped the pants and grabbed her shoulders to keep her from falling to the floor.

“Oh, my God. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking.”

She laughed. “I’m fine. Totally fine. You just startled me. No one there, and then giant guy there.” She bent over to pick up the pants. “Did you need these washed?”

“Yes. Um… no. Well, I need to wash them. Can I use your machine when you’re done? I don’t want to ask you to — ”

She shook her head and laughed. “Come on.”

I followed her into the laundry room where a load was already agitating.

“One more pair of sweatpants isn’t going to make a difference. Plus, lucky you, it’s a dark load.” She lifted the lid, dropped the pants in and winked at me. “There. Now was that so hard?”

My eyes scanned her curvy body. She was my best friend’s mother, and this was the first time we’d been alone. But it was long enough for me to notice the sweetheart shape of her ass in her tight jeans. How her small waist flared to sexy hips. How her long dark hair had just a few threads of sterling silver that somehow made her a million times sexier.

“No,” I managed to mutter, despite having a dry tongue that suddenly felt welded to the roof of my mouth. “Not hard at all.”

That hadn’t been hard, but something was. I cleared my throat. “Thank you. Very much. I’ll just — ” I let the sentence trail off as I cocked a thumb toward the hallway. I needed to make a swift exit, lest she notice my stiff dick.

“No problem,” she replied. And then she looked, very deliberately, at the erection I was hoping to hide.

About an hour later my cock was still throbbing, and my mind was filled with dirty images. I couldn’t stop thinking about Jenny, no matter how hard I tried.

Caleb came bounding up the steps. “My mom wants me to grab some groceries for dinner tonight. Steaks, dude. Score.” He reached out, and I gave him the knucks he so frequently demanded. “Want to come?”

“Naw, I gotta take a shower. We’re still going to that party after dinner, right?”

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