Sowing Lust

Sowing Lust

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Randy landscapers give in to the heat of the moment, and watch their passion flower.

There I was, almost done pruning the azaleas, when I paused to take a break. I ran the back of my hand across my sweaty forehead and blew a wayward strand of blonde hair from my face. I pressed my damp T-shirt to the small of my back with my hand as I arched and stretched to ease my sore muscles. Every single one seemed to be barking after I’d spent far too long kneeling in front of the now-pristine line of flowering bushes. My thighs were screaming, and I knew I would be aching in the morning. My eyes swept across the fenced yard, taking in the magnificent view.

“It sure is pretty here,” I said for the umpteenth time. Behind me, I heard my business partner, Jimmy, chuckling. He never shared my awe for the grandeur of any of the beautiful grounds we maintained. He went about his business, cutting the grass and pulling the weeds while barely talking to me most mornings — which was a shame in more ways than one. Jimmy was a wonderful guy and a great friend.

Normally, when a guy and I are buddies, it’s because there isn’t any sexual chemistry between us, but that wasn’t the case with me and Jimmy. Well, at least as far as I was concerned. He stripped down to the waist every day we worked together, which had me constantly drooling over his toned abs and muscled forearms. But even though I wore my tightest V-neck tops, ones so snug they strained across my full breasts, Jimmy remained maddeningly indifferent. Either he genuinely wasn’t attracted to me, or he knew more about women than he let on — because he really had me going.

That afternoon, I turned around to catch Jimmy peeling off his socks, with his boots already discarded beside him.

“What are you doing?” I asked, shocked to see him stripping.

Jimmy grinned and stood up in the newly mowed grass, reaching for the button of his fly.

“I’m going swimming,” he announced as he unzipped his denim shorts, without any embarrassment — or underwear.

“But you can’t!” I couldn’t believe he was serious.

True, the pool was lovely. It was screened in to protect swimmers from mosquitoes and other annoying pests and had a natural, free-form shape. All around it were hanging plants and deep wooden planters full of exotic greenery in need of constant care, which is why the owners left the entrance unlocked for us.

Being hot and sticky from my work, the coolness of the pool was certainly tempting to me. In fact, the sparkling water seemed to beckon. But it wasn’t our place to swim in our clients’ pool, and I told him so. Although I wasn’t very coherent — or convincing. I was busy bashfully averting my eyes as naked Jimmy headed for the screen door, but in no time my curiosity got the better of me.

I got an eyeful of his well-muscled legs and tight ass as I boldly studied him. But when he grabbed the door latch, he turned around and caught me peeking. My mouth dropped open at what I saw as he faced me: six-pack abs and an already stiff cock that made my mouth water.

“You coming?” he asked with a grin, pulling the door open and holding it wide in invitation.

I looked down at myself, taking in the picture I presented after a hard morning’s work. Though I knew I was fit and attractive, I was hardly at my best at that moment. I could taste the salt on my lips and my hair was sticking to the back of my sweaty neck. My boots were covered in grass clippings, and my T-shirt clung to my damp breasts as perspiration dripped down the valley between them. It was also a pretty safe bet that my face was smeared with dirt.

A thin rivulet of sweat trickled down my back past the waist of my shorts, tickling the cleft of my ass. I told myself a cool dip in the pool was exactly what I needed to revive me. But I also think a part of me knew that Jimmy was daring me to do more than just go for a swim. Having silently lusted after him for far too long, I wasn’t about to turn down this unprecedented opportunity.

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