Sister Act

Sister Act

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I’d been dating Rosemary for a couple of years.

She was great — most of the time — but she has a vicious temper and could be very unpleasant. I’d been thinking about ending the relationship for a while, but I just hadn’t had the gumption to pull the trigger.

She has a half-sister, Jasmine (same mother, different father). The two were constantly feuding. Circumstances led them to living in the same house, and even though it’s a big house, they are always in one another’s face. It’s mostly Rosemary’s doing, as I think she’s jealous of Jasmine. She’s younger, and to be perfectly honest, she’s much more beautiful. Jasmine is half-Brazilian; she’s tall, long and lean, with perfect legs, a heart-shaped ass and very large tits.

One fine summer day I was hanging out at their house, ready for a good fuck with Rosemary, when she got a call from a friend who was going through a breakup. Of course, she had to be there for her. She took off and left me alone — or so I thought. I was lying by the pool, soaking up the rays, when I sensed a shadow over me. It was Jasmine, and she was wearing the most ridiculously skimpy bathing suit I’d ever seen. It was a one-piece, but it was like she was wearing a sling made out of dental floss. Her nipples were barely covered, and the bottom part was a thong that clearly indicated she had a shaved pussy.

She sat down on the chair next to mine, and we started chatting. It soon became evident that Jasmine was interested in taking her revenge on her sister through me, and I was fine with it. Looking back, I guess a guy with more scruples would have had said no, but I defy any straight man reading this to put himself in my position and refuse the offer I received.

Jasmine jumped into the pool for a swim and then emerged, as wet as a seal, her suit plastered to her skin, her coal-black hair like black lava running down her back. She sat next to me once more and took a brief but amused look at the hard-on tenting my trunks.

“Do you think I’m hotter than my sister?”

I croaked out the diplomatic response, “You’re both hot.” But she would have none of it. She shifted her body so her nipples were now clearly visible and as hard as pebbles from the cold water.

“Come on,” she said, leaning in. “I see how you look at me.” She then planted a soul-searing French kiss on me that made me question reality. Our tongues wrestled, and she let her fingers dance down my chest to my stomach. She tugged on my swimsuit and out popped my very hard cock.

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