Side Piece

Side Piece

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I walked into the office kitchen to find Kitty sitting cross-legged on the counter, a cup of coffee in her hand.

She was looking at something on her phone, completely entranced.

I coughed, and her posture went rigid. She straightened her legs, but that didn’t keep me from catching a glimpse of her plain white panties beneath her plaid dress. A grown woman, Kitty still dressed like a schoolgirl half the time. Plaid dress, knee-high white socks, red leather Mary Janes. She often wore her dyed black hair in pigtails and sported a choker around her neck more days than not. She was a genius assistant, though, and I’d seen her looking at me with interest more than once.

“Oh, jeesh! I’m sorry. I thought I was the only one left here. I was taking a break before finishing up the boxes that are going to storage.”

I shook my head and moved toward the coffee machine. She had rearranged her posture but was still perched on the countertop. I poured a cup of coffee and grimaced. “I wonder how old this is.”

“Not old. I made it only a half hour ago because I was running low. I guess I should — ”

She scooted forward, but I put a hand out to stop her progress. “You stay there and take your break.”

I watched her swallow hard, so hard something in her throat clicked. I smiled. I liked making her flustered.

“I figured you’d be going home to the missus by now,” she said, her voice a breathy whisper.

“Nope. She has a date tonight.”

Kitty’s eyebrows shot up so fast I couldn’t help but laugh.

“A date?”

I nodded. “A date. We have an arrangement. We’re happily married, but we both like to have a little something extra on the side.” I took a finger and dragged it from above her knee sock to the hem of her dress. Then I stopped, letting my finger linger.

“You do?”

“We do.”



Her big brown eyes were wide. Her gaze met mine, and I saw her shift restlessly where she sat.


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