Seeing Double

Seeing Double

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Out the open window of my second-floor apartment I spied the swimming pool below as I threw my heavy textbook onto a table.

My brain told me I should keep hitting the books in preparation for yet another exam, especially if I wanted to finish grad school and get my master’s on time. However, my overheated body told me the day was too hot and the pool too cool for any further rigorous mental toil. So I shucked my study duds, hopped into a bathing suit and grabbed a towel and a magazine and gave into temptation.

The four-building apartment complex in which I live has a large courtyard in the middle, with the swimming pool taking up about a third of that space. I spend many hours there during the afternoons, swimming and sunbathing when I should be studying. Since that’s when most people are at work, I usually have the place entirely to myself. That’s why, as I slipped through the gate in the chain-link fence that surrounds the premises last Thursday, I was surprised to see that someone else was already there, and that it was a woman, no less, and a hot older one, at that.

She was lying on a towel by the diving board at the far end of the pool, and she looked up when I latched the gate shut. She was wearing funky, aviator-style sunglasses and very little else. What little of her glistening, tanned body that was covered was just barely concealed by a green bikini top and matching thong bottom.

“Hi,” she said, propping herself up on her elbows.

“Hi,” I replied, my eyes — and other body parts — bulging as I took in her long blonde hair, large tits, obviously hard nipples and slim legs that gleamed with suntan lotion. This woman was absolutely gorgeous, and I wondered what would happen if I tried to make a move.

Adjusting my shades, I desperately tried to think of something witty and engaging to say. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to studying had sapped me of spontaneity, and before I could speak, she lay back down on her towel. I shook my head in frustration, then stretched out on a plastic recliner, pretending to read my magazine. What I was really doing, of course, was staring over the top of the glossy periodical at the sunbathing goddess as she sizzled under the glare of the beaming sun. My cock grew hard and my balls grew heavy as a result of the heated vision, and I prayed she wouldn’t look up and notice my excited state. Luckily, she continued ignoring me.

I watched her surreptitiously for about five more minutes, and then she suddenly sat up and started applying suntan lotion to her luscious, toned body. Squirting white cream into her hand, she rubbed up and down the length of her slender arms, buffing first one, then the other. Then she squeezed a dollop of lotion onto her chest, right between her tits, and rubbed it into her neck, shoulders and the exposed skin of her cleavage.

“Yeah, baby, yeah,” I whispered to myself, sliding my magazine down from my chest to my lap so it functioned as a shield for my right hand, which I placed over the top of my straining cock. Slowly, I began rubbing my rock-hard dick through the thin material of my swim trunks as I stared at the poolside beauty. When she had finished with her chest, her hand trailed downward as she applied sunscreen to her flat stomach and supple legs. She was so intent on what she was doing that she didn’t notice me slip my hand underneath my waistband to grip my cock more firmly. The magazine trembled in my left hand as I used my right to work my prick.

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