Round and Round

Round and Round

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My job at the coffeehouse continuously surprises me. I never know what face is going to pop up on the other side of the counter. I’ve been working there for about two years. I make more money than people think with the addition of tips. Even so, when an old pal appears in the shop, I don’t quite know how to react.

Hector recognized me immediately, however, and beamed.

“Larry! Wow, great to see you,” he gushed.

Hector was wearing business clothes and looked like he’d probably been working a professional job since we’d last hung around together in high school.

I greeted him just as warmly, and he insisted on taking me out for a beer at the end of my shift.

“Sure thing. Just let me tell my wife,” I said, taking out my phone.

His eyebrows went up.

“Wife?  Say, you didn’t happen to marry Audrey, did you?”

I grinned, which answered the question.

Audrey and I had been high school sweethearts. She was — and is — the hottest woman I know. And the best fuck I could imagine.

Hector came back to the shop an hour later to collect me. He drove a sporty-looking car.

I told him, “Audrey says to say hi and give you a big, sloppy kiss. But I hope you’ll settle for just hi.”

He laughed and said, “I’m delighted she remembers me.”

We went to a neighborhood bar and talked over beers. Hector and I had been fairly tight, back in the day. He, too, had gotten married. Her name was Marie, he said.

“She’s fantastic,” he went on. “Smart, caring, beautifu — hell, almost as hot as Audrey.” He laughed heartily.

As we chatted about our marriages, I realized something was bugging me. It took another beer before I gave my old friend a hint of my troubles.

“Sometimes, I think we married too young. Don’t get me wrong, I love her every way to Sunday, and I’m still ferociously attracted to her. But basically Audrey’s the only woman I’ve ever been with, and sometimes I wonder. You know what I’m saying?”

Hector picked up the thread.

“You wonder what it would be like to fuck another woman? But you don’t want to hurt Audrey by cheating on her?”

That time, I laughed and replied, “Exactly. How’d you know?”

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