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My roommate, Kristy, had a date and would likely be out all night.

With no plans of my own, I decided to indulge in a rare evening of my favorite guilty-pleasure porn with my vibrator at the ready.

Oral sex has always been one of my favorite sexual acts, especially if I’m on the receiving end. Watching a seriously sexy woman go to town on her equally hot friend’s pussy always left my own body strung tight and aching for attention. As I focused on the horny ladies on my computer screen, I reached for my vibrator and placed it on the lowest setting before bringing it to my slit.

The bell-shaped tip stimulated my clit until I could feel the buzz spreading across my body. I rolled the vibrator over the sensitive bud, carefully working myself into a frenzy. Familiarity with my body makes it possible to knock out quick, satisfying orgasms in rapid succession. I was so close to coming for the first time when I heard the creak of the hinges on the dorm-room door. The door that happened to sit directly opposite my bed.

Kristy stood at the threshold. I froze like a deer in the headlights. Seconds of shocked silence felt like much longer. Then Kristy shut the door and started walking toward me.

Mortified, I quickly pulled the sheets over my exposed crotch.

“No, don’t stop,” Kristy said. An adorable blush bloomed on her dimpled cheeks. “Why should both of our evenings be a bust?” She peeled back the sheets and curled her fingers around the base of the vibrator that still hummed against my pussy. Her fingers twisted the dial to turn up the speed, making my eyes roll back into my head.

The mattress sagged as she took a seat next to me. Her long eyelashes fanned across her cheek when she averted her gaze from mine.

“You don’t mind if I join you tonight… do you?”

My Friday night suddenly became a lot more interesting. Before I could formulate a response, the vibrator slid along my slit and circled my entrance. The sensations were different than the ones that rang through my clit. My body responded greedily. Every nerve seemed to scream for more—for penetration.

Finally, Kristy slid the vibrator inside, drawing a groan from me. The pulsing sensations of the vibe mingled perfectly with her hard thrusts. The toy rubbed against a sweet spot inside my pussy, and I groaned again. My hips rocked into Kristy’s rhythm, eagerly taking every inch of the toy.

Restless energy surged through my muscles. Every part of me was strung incredibly tight. My legs shook, twitching from the tension. Pleasure made talking nearly impossible, but I wanted to answer her question, so I forced myself to whisper, “I’d love it if you joined me.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” she responded with a purr, plunging the vibrator even deeper into my core. She twisted the shaft as it entered me, nudging it against that elusive oh-my-God spot inside. My lower lip trembled, and I tugged it between my teeth to anchor myself.

“The line between pain and pleasure blurred as my pussy spasmed.”


Though I was already fighting to catch my breath as erotic vibrations rippled through my body, Kristy seemed to think I required even more stimulation.

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