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It was great to see Alex again.

We had been college roommates, and I hadn’t seen her for a year because she’d moved to New York after graduation. But she was back for a long weekend visit at the house I shared with my new husband, Pierre. I’d noticed her giving him long, lingering looks, and at one point she said to me, “Well done, I approve.”

I didn’t mind any of that because Alex and I had been open about all things sexual in college. We shared a single-room dorm and often had boyfriends over at the same time and fucked them in our own beds. We’d never swapped, but hearing her moans of passion coming from the other side of the room always added greatly to my pleasure.

Eventually, we’d gotten in the habit of masturbating at the same time on nights we were alone together. I think she started it. We had gone to bed, but neither of us had fallen asleep. After a few minutes, I heard soft whimpering noises. I didn’t want to embarrass her, but I got so turned on I started playing with myself, too. I’m much louder than she is — I can’t help myself. So it was soon evident to her that I was diddling myself, too. She snorted with laughter then kept going, not holding anything back. We came at the same time — and then repeated the process over and over again.

But for all of our openness, we’d never touched each other in a sexual way, leaving that line in the sand uncrossed. But when I saw her again, looking more beautiful than ever, I wanted her. But I wanted something more specific. I wanted her to join me and Pierre in bed.

And from the glances she kept casting at me and my man, I got the definite impression that was something she wanted, too.

We had set her up in a spare bedroom, which had its own bath. While she was taking a shower, I snuck into the room, stripped down and lay on the bed. I was so turned on I couldn’t help stroking my cunt. She came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her and showed not the slightest bit of surprise upon seeing me. She simply dropped the towel and lay beside me, shoulder to shoulder and began fingering herself.

I continued to do the same. She liked to rub her fingers across her clit like strumming a guitar, while I needed penetration. I used two hands — one to rub my clit, the other to burrow in my cunt. It was like old times again, but she was so close to me that I could smell the tempting scent of her pussy, which was becoming stronger than the lingering fragrance of her body wash. My pussy was very wet, and I was going to come soon. Alex came first, though, and I quickly followed. We both cried out as our whopping orgasms thrilled us. I kissed her shoulder, and then put my hand on her thigh, which was warm and soft.

“I missed you,” I whispered in her. She hugged me tight but that was the extent of our liaison for the moment.

Pierre and I have a long-standing tradition of having sex every Sunday morning. My idea was that I would leave the door open, and we’d be nice and loud. Alex would hear us, see us and not be able to resist taking part. I cherished the idea of watching my best girlfriend with my hunky husband.

That Sunday, I was riding Pierre’s fat cock and thoroughly enjoying myself, being very vocal as I plunged down on him. He made no comment on the open door and my extra noise, so I figured he was fully cognizant and approved of my unspoken scheme. What guy hasn’t fantasized about a threesome with two hot chicks?

“Alex focused her attention on his balls while I sucked his cockhead.”

Pretty soon I heard a stirring in the hall. Alex came in wearing her bedtime attire of a T-shirt and panties. She looked in our room, and her eyes grew very wide. I looked back at her and beckoned her to join us.

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