Rendezvous with Missus

Rendezvous with Missus

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Bob distracted me from the pile of bills I was shuffling around on my desk by saying, “I found a new one for you. Consider it an early 50th birthday gift.”

That caught my attention!

I looked up and replied with interest, “A new one? For me? What’s his name?”

“Tad, if you can believe that.” Bob laughed and poured us some wine.

The sun was just starting to settle low in the sky. The windows were cracked to let in a delicious but cool breeze.

“I can. Tad. How interesting.” I accepted the wine. “Describe him.” I took a sip and looked up at my husband as he stood before me, contemplating what he’d say.

“He’s tall and lanky. Like a basketball player. Speaking of, the work team played last week, and we invited him to join. I was chatting with him in the locker room afterward. He’s hung. You’ll like him.” Bob smiled with a naughty twinkle in his eye.

I slid down his zipper and let my fingers slip inside to run over his underwear. I felt his cock jerk at my touch.

“He has brown hair and green eyes, and he laughs easily. He’s athletic and funny and open to giving my wife a run for her money. I asked him myself. I told him we were open, and that I liked to vet your lovers for you. My friendly input into your extracurricular activities.”

I pushed my fingers inside the slit in his underwear and stroked his bare skin. His cock was fully hard, and I was fully turned on. A new date, a new man to explore, approved by Bob, what more could I ask for?

I’m a very lucky woman.

“His hobbies include photography, woodworking and eating pussy,” Bob said. He laughed softly but then stopped when I pulled his dick out of his pants and put my lips on him.

He urged me away so he could work the button and zipper of his pants, and pull them down along with his underwear to free himself fully. I went back to licking the tip of his cock. His hand found the back of my head, and he pulled me forward even as he thrust into my willing mouth.

“I can’t thank you enough for your assistance,” I murmured, licking a hot line up the underside of his dick.

His fingers tangled in my hair, and he pushed down on my head more forcefully.

“Oh, I think you can,” he muttered, his voice raspy.

I smiled, taking him as deep into my throat as I could. I sucked him in a steady rhythm, working him with my hand and lapping at his cockhead. A salty burst of pre-come coated my tongue, and I cupped his balls, sinking my mouth farther down his shaft.

“That’s good. I appreciate your attention to detail,” he said.

I pulled away and looked up at him.

“I hope he likes having his cock sucked,” I said, stroking my husband’s erection with my hand.

Bob shut his eyes and hummed. “I’m sure he does. And if he doesn’t, you’re good enough to convert him.” Then he pulled me back to him and fucked my mouth until he shot his come across my tongue and lips.

He bent to kiss me. “I want you to have fun, but then you come back home to me.”

I kissed him gently. “Absolutely.”

I showed up at Tad’s apartment at seven as instructed. He was a strapping 20-year-old, and his decor reflected his age. There was hardly any furniture, bare walls, lots of stacked books and video games.

He ushered me in and just kept staring, mouth slightly open. I could see the pink of his tongue and imagined what it would feel like on my clit.

“That bad, huh?” I said.

He blinked. “Sorry?”

“You’re staring.”

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