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For a while now, I’ve been a bartender at a risqué burlesque club, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

Not only do I love the challenge of concocting new and interesting cocktails to excite our patrons, but I also have one of the few jobs able to feed my insatiable sexual appetite. It’s one of the many advantages of working at a sexed-up hot spot that encourages public displays of affection from employees and patrons.

I’ve got plenty of raunchy stories, but one in particular stands out from the rest. Evie was celebrating her 21st birthday. Her friends had decked her out in a tiara and feather boa, and they were clearly intent on helping her create some wild memories in honor of her special day.

With a thick mop of blonde curls and a waist that dipped in to form a perfect hourglass figure, Evie was undeniably sexy. Most of the guys in the bar were breaking their necks for a look at her, as were many of the women. But she just casually sipped her drink, sometimes focusing on her friends, other times casting me flirtatious glances. Her looks were subtle, but I got the message. She was into chicks!

Things got interesting when the birthday girl’s friends ordered one of our specialty experiences for her: The Booby Trap. The bar maid — in this case, me — does a direct pour into the patron’s mouth, then presses the patron’s face into her cleavage. There was my opening. Perfect.

I helped Evie up onto the top of the bar, displaying her to the rest of the room. Then I ran my hand slowly from her navel up between her breasts, gradually pushing her back until she was reclined on the countertop. She shivered when my fingertips brushed close to her nipple, her legs parting ever so slightly.

That little twitch of her thighs encouraged me to take my performance a step further. I sucked a shot into my own mouth before kissing Evie and dropping the liquor between her parted lips. She sighed and wound her arms around my neck as I licked her lips clean.

People in the bar hooted and hollered around us, their shouts of encouragement ringing in my ears. Finally, I forced myself to break the kiss and get the situation back under control. A Booby Trap shot wouldn’t be complete without the signature ending!

“Every nerve was firing, making pleasure ripple from my head to my toes.”

I propped Evie up into sitting position and raked my fingers through her hair. Then I pulled her face down into my cleavage, giving her an extra-long shimmy. Then I whispered, “Follow me to the back if you want a special birthday surprise.”

I sauntered away, throwing glances over my shoulder to keep tabs on her. The rest of the patrons returned their attention to their own parties, and I cocked my head, indicating my direction to Evie, who was still with her pals.

The door to the tiny back office had barely clicked shut when I heard a light knock on the metal. A peek through the peephole confirmed it was Evie. I opened the door just enough to let her slide her curvy body through. I yanked Evie inside quickly, both of us bumping against the desk.

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