Neighborhood Performance

Neighborhood Performance

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My wife, Judy, came down from the attic with a stunned look on her face.

We had been settling into our new house for several days now. The move was going fine. We liked our neighborhood; it seemed quiet and friendly.

“Warren, you’ve got to come see this!”

I followed her upstairs, admiring the curve of her toned, denim-covered ass, even as I was curious about what she’d discovered. She led me to the far end of the attic, to a small window that I had to lean out toward to see anything through.

“Take a look,” she said, voice trembling either with uneasiness or excitement. I couldn’t quite tell. Maybe it was a little of both.

Frowning, I hung onto a rafter and leaned and looked. My eyes bugged out immediately. The odd angle of the attic window gave me a view down onto the back of our next door neighbors’ house. The drapes were open on a broad window — a bedroom window — which glowed against the darkness of night, thanks to an indoor light.

Inside the bedroom, two people were going at it with the gusto of newlyweds. A dark-haired man was on his back on the bed, and a good-looking blonde was energetically riding his cock. He was thrusting up into her. As I watched, they rolled off the bed onto the carpeted floor. The woman scrambled onto all fours, and the guy took her doggy-style, pounding her pussy with fearsome thrusts. Her face twisted as she looked to be crying out with pleasure.

Suddenly, there was hot breath on my neck. Judy was leaning next to me, to get another look at the sexual spectacle.

I thought maybe she’d be upset by the flagrant display, but she said with wonder in her voice, “Look at them go! They must not be very shy to leave the curtains open like that.”

“You know what else they aren’t?” I said wryly. “Those aren’t the people who live there. I met them yesterday when you were at the supermarket. It’s a different couple who owns that house, and they live alone.”

But that mystery didn’t stop me and my wife from watching the proceedings next door until they reached their eruptive conclusion. The dark-haired guy pulled his cock out of the blonde’s pussy and pumped his come all over her back and ass, then they collapsed together into a joyful-looking heap.

I was curious about what we’d seen, but I didn’t know how to find more information. Was I supposed to ask our neighbors who’d been fucking in their bedroom? But after that shocking night, Judy and I both regularly stole up into the attic to look out that little window, hoping to see another sexy scene.

A few nights later, it happened again. It was yet another couple, still not the people who lived in the house. The guy was muscled with a shaved head, and the woman had short red hair. They rolled around on the bed and floor just as enthusiastically as the previous pair had.

The sight gave me a serious hard-on, and this time Judy really got into the show. She muttered things like “Yeah, fuck her sweet pussy!” and “Suck that yummy cock!” She groped me as we watched the exhibition. Afterward, I fucked her right there in the attic, with her reaching up to hold on to a beam and my cock reaming her from behind.  It was fantastic.

But now I had to know what was going on next door. Furtively, I scouted out the back of the house. I saw it sat opposite another property, and that there was nothing but a two-foot high fence between the two lots. There were no trees in either yard.

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