My Mentor

My Mentor

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My first job out of college was in marketing for a large telecommunications company.

The position involved a good bit of travel between our San Francisco and New York offices. I definitely sowed plenty of wild oats on those trips, but one in particular mixed business and pleasure in the most delightful way.

It was my first time at the big regional conference on the West Coast, which was attended by employees and clients. As part of the hiring process, all new staffers were assigned a mentor in the company, usually someone senior in our field. My mentor back then, when I was at the tender age of 23, was a woman named Janice, who came with me on that trip. In fact, we even shared a hotel room, which came in handy.

Janice had glossy dark brown hair, brown eyes, a tight figure and a great boob job. There had been an attraction simmering between us from the moment we met. She was in her early 40s, and pretty much footloose since she was divorced with two mostly grown kids. So when we traveled, Janice was all about F-U-N! It felt like being back in college, but even better because of expense accounts and nicer venues.

Thanks to Janice, I learned how to handle back-to-back cocktail hours with investors, dinner, more drinks, and then an 8 a.m. meeting without missing a beat. And, thanks to Janice, I also enjoyed my first threesome.

One drunken night during my senior year of college, I had made out with a girl while her boyfriend watched — but we only kissed in front of the guy, nothing else. I always found myself drifting back to that night in my fantasies, but it’s not like you can walk up to random people and ask for a threesome, right?

Turns out you can.

On the opening night of the conference, Janice and I were relaxing with martinis at the bar when she nudged me and pointed out an incredibly hot guy, who we’d heard speak earlier during his presentation. His name was Mitch, and he had dark hair, blue eyes and a chiseled jaw. And even with his tailored charcoal suit, it was easy to tell he had a gym-fit body. He was a hot piece.

Janice stared longingly in Mitch’s direction.

“He is cute,” I responded, meaning it.

“So are you, Brittney. Why don’t you go say hello?”

“He’s surrounded by other guys.”

“Oh please!” Janice rolled her eyes. “Just tell him you liked his speech. And then maybe we can find out if Mr. Keynote speaker has a big, big key.”

I almost choked on my drink, laughing. “Oh, my God. You’re terrible.”

“And you are ‘terrible-in-training.’” Janice laughed. “Go on. Bottoms up and get your tight ass over there — and invite him back over here to join us.”

I downed the last of my martini and stood up. “What are you planning?”

“Never mind that for now. But I promise, it’ll be fun. Now go — I’ll be watching!”

With a smirk on my face, I headed through the crowd toward our target.

Owing to genetics and running, I’m on the tall, slender side, with milky skin and light blue eyes. I usually wore my fine strawberry-blonde hair down, but that night Janice talked me into a sleek ponytail. It really did add an air of sophistication to the off-the-shoulder black dress I wore. My tits are only B-cups, but they’re pretty perky and looked fabulous in my outfit. So I thought I had a good shot at catching his attention.

As I walked across the room, with my eyes on Mitch, I definitely felt my nipples “ping” in anticipation. And seeing as how I forgot to pack my strapless bra, no doubt others could see my “anticipation,” too, if they were observant, since the slinky fabric of my dress did nothing to hide my nips.

I turned on the charm, and it didn’t take me much time to convince Mitch to join me and Janice. As we walked to the bar where she was sitting, he rested his hand on the small of my back, and I felt a jolt of electricity shoot from my perky nipples to my clit.

Janice raised her empty glass to us. “Well, there’s the man from the presentation of the day! How about I get us a round of drinks?”

Mitch smiled. “Let me do the honors, ladies.”

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