Jingle All The Way

Jingle All The Way

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Tim finally connects with his office crush, who really knows how to ring his bell!

“Did you hear jingling?” I asked, filled with overwhelming curiosity.

I was standing in the doorway to Christie’s office, and although I could see into the room, there wasn’t a bell in sight.

My office crush works down the hall from me, and we’d decided to go to the office party together. At least, we’d made a plan to go at the same time. Neither one of us is particularly social, so we tend to gravitate toward each other for support at work events. Often, we ate lunch together in the cafeteria. I thought she was beautiful, but I hadn’t made a move yet.

I was hoping that night would be my chance.

“Jingling?” Christie asked innocently. Her blue eyes were so wide, staring up at me. Her lips were curled slightly, as if she were savoring a private joke. Only the day before, I’d seen those beautiful lips wrapped around a candy cane. I’d had to excuse myself for a little “alone time” before joining her for a marketing meeting.

“I could have sworn… ” I said, shaking my head. Hadn’t I heard bells, the sound of tinkling bells coming from right behind her door? It was hard to focus because I was so captivated by her holiday attire. She’d changed from the conservative dress she’d worn to work into something much more seasonal, a bright red velvet number with a “V” so deep in the front that I could almost have fallen into it.

“What sort of bells?” Christie asked, tossing her black hair out of her eyes. “Cowbells? Doorbells? Sleigh bells?”

“It was probably nothing,” I said, trying not to lick my lips. Her look would have made any snowman melt. All I’d done was wear a red tie and red socks.

From down the hall, I could hear canned music playing. People were already helping themselves to the free food and alcohol that made corporate events easier to bear.

“Should we get this over with, Tim?” she asked, pulling my attention back to her once more. She moved to shut the door to her office as we exited, and I swore I heard the bells again. I nodded, taking a deep breath for courage. I caught a whiff of spice. Cloves or cinnamon. It was the season after all, but was I getting a hard-on for gingerbread now? Christie was definitely making me lose my cool.

We walked down the hall toward the main lobby where the festivities were being held. “So… bells,” she said.

“Yeah,” I said. “I knew I heard… ” There. I heard it again. That soft tinkling musical sound. Tiny. Like miniature jingle bells. I tilted my head.

“You did,” she said. Her eyes twinkled. “I have a secret.”

“Care to share?”

The lobby was adorned with all the standard happy holiday fare. There were pretty lights glowing and tinsel sparkling. Candy canes dangled from the curtain pulls and wrapped presents were stacked on the buffet table.

Christie pulled me next to her on the sofa furthest away from anyone else. We sat side by side, and she let her dress ride up, just enough so I could see the tops of her stockings… and the tiny silver bells that adorned them. She gave me a wicked smile and bounced one leg over the other. The bells tinkled musically.

While I watched, she hiked her hem up until she’d flashed her panties. Then she pulled her dress down quickly and beamed at me.

“My cock was a yule log, harder than I could EVER remember IT being.”

“So you weren’t hearing things,” she said. Her cheeks were the pink of sugarplums, and the look she was giving me put to rest any worries I’d had about whether she was interested in me or not. She had revealed her stocking tops… and more, and she most obviously was interested in having me stuff them. Or stuff something.

I looked at my watch. My stiffening cock was making it difficult to think. I scanned the room. The holiday music had enticed some of our coworkers to dance together. It was an embarrassing sight. But all I wanted to do was dance body-to-body with Christie. Restraining myself from touching her in public, I said, “Maybe we could go make music together somewhere else.”

Ditching the office party didn’t take any thought. People were already well into the eggnog. Nobody would notice our absence. We hurried to the parking lot, through the crisp cool air. But the heat of lust had lit an internal fire in the two of us.

Even though I drove the vehicle, Christie drove me crazy the whole ride home. She put her feet up on my dash and let the dress fall to her waist. I could see the pale skin over the tops of her thigh-highs, and the bands of bells on the elastic that held the stockings in place.

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