Human Chair

Human Chair

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“I found a new one, baby.”

John was grilling; he loved to grill even in the winter, but immediately he put his tongs down and turned to me. “Did you now? Where?”

“He comes in the coffee shop all the time. And he always watches me. And flirts with me.”

“Of course he does,” John said, pulling me close. His hands settled on my hips for a moment before sliding down to cup my ass. When he pulled me close I could feel his cock was hard already, and I hadn’t even finished telling him about my new quarry. “You’re the best barista there.”

“He orders shaken tea,” I added, laughing. “There’s no real art to that.”

“But there’s art to this ass,” he said, squeezing my butt.

He glanced at the grill, held up a finger, and proceeded to remove the steaks and put them on a platter to rest.

We moved inside the screened-in porch to the picnic table. The heater was running full blast, and the grill was cooling outside the door. We were completely shielded from the view of any neighbors. He sat on the bench and patted his lap. “Come tell me.”

I went to him and sat on his lap so my back was to his chest. He wrapped his arms around my middle, and I started to talk.

“I was being held in my husband’s strong arms for another man to eat my pussy.”

“He’s tall and thin, like a basketball player and has a deep sexy voice.

John raised his hips to press his hard-on against my ass, and I sighed.

“He finally asked me out,” I went on. “And I told him I was married. Then I explained our arrangement. I like to get fucked; you like to watch me get fucked, and all that.”

John gave a little thrust from beneath me, and my juices started to seriously soak my panties. It was surprising how much warmth the space heater was giving off, and it was amazing how much heat I was starting to feel inside.

“He said he’d like to join us.” John kissed the back of my neck, making me shiver. “He also said he’d like you to be involved somehow.”

“How?” he asked. Threesomes weren’t his thing. I knew that already.

“Not actually fucking me. But being involved more than watching from the corner.”

He’d grown still. That told me he was seriously considering my words. “We’ll see. When he comes here and explains, then I’ll say yes or no.”

I’d anticipated John’s reaction and had pretty much said exactly the same thing to Brandon.

“Deal,” I responded.

“Good. Now, take off your pants and turn around,” he said.

As I stood and obeyed, he opened his jeans and shoved them down his legs to free his hard cock. I pulled my pants down and off, but my long sweater fell to the tops of my thighs, giving me the appearance of being dressed. I faced him and straddled his hips, sinking down on his hard rod. It was utter bliss.

John kissed me, resting his hands on my hips as I rode him. He thrust up from beneath me and slammed into the most tender places inside me.

“You’re going to fuck him, and I’m going to watch — and it’s going to be as hot as hell,” he growled in my ear, nipping at my lobe so sharply I yelped.

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