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With a brand-new home at their disposal, a couple decides to spread the love and share an erotic encounter in every room!

Our new house was a three-story brownstone. We’d coveted one for as long as I could remember, and when this one came onto the market we snatched it up.

Jared fell in love with the third floor and had plans to make it his art studio. I called dibs on the extra rooms on the second floor for my exercise space and office.

On the evening we moved in, we stood in a sunny spot on the third floor and stared out the window as the sun began to set. It was amazing. The fact that this place was ours made the view even more awe inspiring. Jared wrapped his arms around me from behind and squeezed me. His mouth came down on the back of my neck, and I shivered. He laughed softly. “I plan to fuck you from the top floor of this house to the bottom. Eventually, we’ll hit every room in the place. And then we can start over.”

Hearing this turned me on. Jared wasn’t much of a dirty-talker, so when he did say scandalous things, the effects went straight to my pussy.

I ground my ass back against him and felt his cock harden. “I say we start tonight.”

He kissed the back of my neck again as his hands came up to cup my breasts. He pinched my nipples hard through my graphic tee, and when I gasped, he repeated the act, giving the pinch a little more oomph. The pressure on those sensitive bits of skin took my breath away.

“Oh yeah? Should we start in this room? This studio room where all my paintings will be scattered? And paint and tarps and brushes and… ”

I turned in his arms and kissed him. “Let’s start here. Now. And let’s fuck every day for five days and see how far we can get. I read an article about a five-day sex challenge.”

“Challenge accepted,” Jared said. He smiled at me and then kissed me. His mouth was soft at first and then the kiss deepened and the pressure hardened. He walked me backward until my ass hit the windowsill. We had an AC unit running in the other window so this one was closed, and I let him push me flush against the glass.

“What if people see?”

“Then they’ll know we’re making the house ours,” he said, chuckling.

“He nudged my cunt with his cock as my fingers danced on the windowpane.”

He pulled my tee over my head and tossed it over his shoulder, and I couldn’t help but giggle. He undid the front clasp of my bra and tossed that, too. Then he dragged his thick fingers down the center of my belly so that my muscles jumped and rippled.

“Off with the shorts,” he breathed.

I pushed down my shorts and disposed of them. I stood there, utterly bare but for a pair of pink panties with yellow stars on them.

“Oh, these are nice,” he said. “I like these. But not enough to let you keep them on. Off they go.”

Before I could make a move, he shoved them down himself. When they puddled around my ankles I kicked them away.

“There she is. All pretty and naked. Now let’s fuck.”

With that he pushed his hand between my thighs. He slid two fingers inside me and started to fuck me that way, finding my G-spot instantly. He knew my body almost as well as I did. Within moments, I was bucking against his hand — so, so wet and so, so ready for him to fuck me. “Please,” I begged.

“Soon,” he said. Jared got down on his knees and parted my pussy lips with his fingers. He studied me carefully, taking long enough to make me squirm. His hands were settled lightly on my hips, and I wiggled in his loose grip. When I’d squirmed enough to make him smile, he leaned forward and delivered one slow lick to my clitoris.

I moaned.

“Oh, the little clitty is already happy,” he cooed, making me insane.

He gave me another slow lick, and I lost it, grabbing the back of his head and pulling him to me. I pushed my pussy to his bearded face and held him there until his tongue took up the rhythm I wanted — I needed. Once he did that, it was only seconds before I came — hard, fast and gushing.

He stood, licking his glossy lips. He pulled me from the window but then turned me so my tits were mashed against the thick, old glass. “Spread your legs.”

I groaned at the command and immediately obeyed, spreading my legs as he stepped in close. His hands clamped down on my hips, and he nudged my cunt opening with his cockhead as my fingers danced restlessly on the windowpane.

Without another word, he started fucking me, using hard, fast strokes that stole my breath. Each burst of movement drove me against the glass of the window over and over again. Every time he thrust deep inside me, he hit tender, desperate places that rocked me to my core. When the buildup of pleasure became unbearable, I climaxed, crying out against the window so the sound was both augmented and muffled.

He slammed into me a few more times and then came with a bellow.

Jared kissed the back of my neck and then nipped it just hard enough to make me shiver. “Where do we do it tomorrow?”

“My exercise studio,” I said on a sigh.

The next day, I had my morning run and did battle ropes and then sprinted through my errands. We’d decided we could stop our respective projects around three o’clock and meet up in my studio for some afternoon delight.

I scurried through the front door at 2:45 and shoved an entire grocery bag in the fridge, even though only half of the food needed to be in there. I badly needed a shower before I hooked up with Jared.

I was tossing clothes as I went down the hall when his hand appeared from a room full of boxes and snagged my wrist.

“Every time he thrust deep inside me, he hit tender places that rocked me.”

“Jared! I have to take a show — ”

He reeled me in and planted a kiss on me. “I like you dirty.”

“Eew,” I said.

“Not eew. You’re all flushed and mussed and gorgeous.”

He had his arms wrapped around me, and he was propelling me into my exercise studio swiftly.

“Jared. Seriously, I’m gross.”

“I think it’s sexy,” he whispered against my ear. A tremor passed through me.

He walked us toward my brand-new weight bench. I’d been doing the personal trainer gig for a bit and would be having clients into the house a few times a week. Being new, the bench was spotless and clean.

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