Hot Vengeance

Hot Vengeance

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It must have been a lot easier to cheat on someone before social media.

Maybe my boyfriend Sid would have gotten away with it if he hadn’t left a digital trail of evidence.

Instead, somebody took a phone shot of him and a woman kissing outside a coffee shop. It got posted, and someone I knew recognized him and tagged me with the urgent question, “Isn’t this your boyfriend?”

It was. I didn’t know the woman with whom Sid was lip-locking, but I sure was pissed off about it! I studied the pic, trying to decide what to do. Obviously, I needed to break up with Sid. But he needed to understand how badly he’d hurt my feelings.

Suddenly, all that hurt faded. I didn’t recognize the woman, but I did know the coffee shop. She was wearing an apron. She must work there!

A devious plan formed in my head that involved seducing this woman. But my plot hit a snag almost immediately. I had never once done anything sexual with another woman, not even so much as to share a passionate kiss. I was a lezzie virgin. Would my desire to get even with Sid let me overcome my inhibitions?

I decided I should put the question to the test.

I picked out a tight black skirt, a sexy top and spiky high heels. Then I realized this was Sid’s favorite kind of outfit. Disgusted, I changed into jeans and a tee, and then drove to the coffee place.

Nervousness made my hands tremble a little on the steering wheel as I parked. Or was it excitement? I gave myself a smirk in the rearview mirror as I checked my hair. I had been trying to imagine how I might go about coming on to this woman, but that led to thoughts of actually going to bed with her. Would I be bold enough to have sex with her?

The possibility stirred something in me. I was a little flushed as I went into the coffee shop. The woman was working the counter, a blonde girl with a nice shape and friendly eyes. She smiled at me as I approached. I still had the image of her kissing Sid in my mind. I mentally replaced him with myself and imagined kissing this woman as passionately as he’d been doing in that photo.

“What can I get you?” I realized it was the second time she’d asked the question.

There was nobody waiting behind me, so I started chatting with her as she prepared my order. Her name was Suze. She was as friendly as she looked, with a musical sort of voice. I had meant to try some aggressive flirting, but I found myself responding to her naturally instead. She really was quite pretty. Suddenly, I heard myself tell her so.

She blushed but didn’t look away. I thought I saw interest flash in her eyes, so I asked, “When do you get off?”

“In an hour.”

“I’ll be waiting out front.”

“Uh,” she said, “I’m kinda seeing this guy…”

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