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When I told Denny I wanted to have a threeway, his eyes lit up. Then I told him I wanted it with two guys. He looked lost after that.

I’d had this same struggle with my other boyfriend, Gary, the previous night, and I could see I was going to have to fight it out all over again. But I wanted this man/man/woman ménage so badly it made my pussy purr. It was a longstanding fantasy of mine. Now I had two hot guys I was seeing. I just had to get them into the same bed at the same time.

“But,” Denny said uncomfortably, “I’ve never done, y’know, sex with another man.”

“I’m not asking you to do a dude,” I said. “I want you and another guy to fuck me — just me.”

I went on to remind Denny of the “traditional” threesomes I’d had with him and other girls. I had sucked pussy while he’d pounded me from behind. I’d had another chick’s tongue buried deep in my snizz while Denny fucked the other woman’s cunt.

I had enjoyed those experiences. I’d had the same kind of three-way fun with Gary and other women. Now I wanted something where I was the star of the wild sex show, the prime focus of attention.

After hemming and hawing, Denny said, “You want this with me and that bartender you’re seeing?”

“Gary. Yes. I’d like it if we could meet tomorrow night, for a drink. If you two decide you can’t go through with it…” I shrugged to hide my potential disappointment. This had to happen!

I didn’t figure there would be any macho bullshit between Denny and Gary when they met for the first time. They knew about each other, and I wouldn’t have been involved with any guy whose go-to emotion was jealousy.

When we all met up at a bar, the two men shook hands in a cordial way. Side by side, I could see how alike they were. Both were handsome — and intelligent. And I certainly knew how good each was in bed.

As we sat over cocktails, Denny suddenly asked Gary, “Have you ever done anything sexual with a guy? I’m not being a smart-ass, I’m just wondering.”

Gary didn’t look offended. “No, I haven’t. I’m not even sure I’ve been naked in front of another guy, aside from being in a locker room.”

I leaned forward between them, my tits nearly tumbling out of the top of my low-cut dress. My body was buzzing with anticipation.

“Well, do either of you have a problem with seeing me naked tonight?”

This was the deciding moment. Gary and Denny looked across the table at each other. They grinned at the same time. In my head, bells of joy started ringing. We headed back to my place.

They conferred in whispering voices in the other room as I went into the bedroom. The fabric of my dress caressed my sensitive skin as I slipped it off. My nipples were hard enough to cut glass, and my pussy was already damp. The night felt alive with expectations.

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