Friendsgiving Frenzy

Friendsgiving Frenzy

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A good time with friends becomes a feast of erotic delights, leaving one man feeling very thankful!

Sabina made it sound tempting. “Instead of Thanksgiving Day, it’s Friendsgiving! We can’t go home to visit our families for whatever reason — or we don’t want to — so we spend the holiday together. Come. You’ll love it!” She gave me one of her grins that lit up her gorgeous face.

I smiled back. “Okay. I’ll come.” The lure of it was, of course, spending more time with Sabina herself. We’d been seeing each other nonexclusively for a few weeks. She had a spectacular body — firm tits, smooth skin and a drum-tight ass.

Sabina was sexually adventurous, which I liked. She enjoyed the taste of my cock and had no inhibitions about me going down on her. Her pussy had the flavor of tart honey. She liked to fuck for hours on end, keeping me in bed and reviving me after my every climax with the knowing ministrations of her hands and mouth. I was lucky to have the stamina to keep up with this voracious and sexy woman.

But I sensed there was some whole other part of her life she hadn’t told me about. I didn’t mind her seeing other men. (I was dating two other women.) But Sabina seemed to be deliberately keeping something back from me — which was her right, naturally. Still, I was curious.

I thought maybe, just maybe, I might learn what she was up to at this Friendsgiving thing. Some of her pals might give me a clue.

I waited on my apartment steps on the crisp late November day. Sabina’s car pulled up at the curb. She grinned as I got in, then took my face in both her hands and gave me a slathering kiss. Her tongue was as hot and active as an electric eel. I saw the high heat in her face, the wild glimmer in her eyes. This was how she looked when we were about to fuck.

Her kiss jerked my cock to stiff life. Forcing a laugh, I said, “If you do much more of that, we’ll never get to your party.” I was tempted to invite her up to my apartment for a fast fuck — or maybe just forget this holiday thing and spend the day in my bed together.

She grabbed my crotch, caressing me through my pants. Needy pleasure shot through me. I looked around for people passing on the sidewalk.

“Sabina...” I started hoarsely, desire making my balls simmer.

Suddenly, she let me go and started her car’s ignition.

“I just want you primed, baby.” She grinned wickedly as she pulled away. “We might not be getting to the turkey dinner right away.”

That cryptic comment kept my cock buzzing the whole way to the house where this Friendsgiving was to take place. I walked with Sabina to the door of a nice-looking home. She rang the bell.

The door was opened by a beautiful woman with a porn actress’ body. She was wearing only sheer black panties and high heels. She greeted Sabina with a warm hug, then turned to regard me.

I stood dumbstruck, gazing helplessly at her ample tits and all that bare flesh. Once again my cock stood as hard as steel. The woman said, “Welcome, Scott. I’m Nora. Sabina’s told us all about you.”

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