Friendly Bisexuality

Friendly Bisexuality

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Our latest swing party was our best ever.

I just had to write in and tell Penthouse Letters about it. My wife, Sylvia, and I have been in the lifestyle since we first met at a swing club 10 years ago. She’d immediately caught my eye because she looks a bit like Bettie Page, the old pinup. If she’d cultivated the look — the hair, the makeup, the everything — she could have made herself a dead ringer. When I first saw her, naked and on all fours, getting fucked by a beefy man from behind, I was in love.

Getting married didn’t stop our swinging activities. We’ve moved around the country a few times, but we’ve always found the local action. We try to visit a club once a month. In our current city, we’ve met two incredible couples who have become our best friends, as well as our go-to swinging partners.

Ana and Jacinto are both fun and sexy — and can dance like nobody’s business. Ana is an absolute dynamo in the bedroom and kinky, to boot. While Jacinto charms the pants off every woman he meets in no time flat.

The other couple is the beautiful strawberry-blonde Mackenzie and her husband, Rick. They look like models, the kind you’d see in pictures that come with photo frames. Rick is a tall, strapping former athlete, and Mackenzie was a cheerleader when they met in high school. They had been married a while, and things got a little stale so they tried the lifestyle and got hooked.

Sylvia and I decided to have a private party at our house, just the six of us, for a more intimate evening. We started with dinner and drinks and had a great time socializing. There was a lot of footsie being played under the table at dinner. I felt something run up my leg and looked down to see Mackenzie’s bare foot — her toenails painted a frosty pink — rubbing against my cock. I longed to suck those piggies, and I knew later on I would get a chance.

The great thing about the six of us is we get along as friends, even without the sex. Rick, Jacinto and I love sports, and the girls love swapping recipes — and we’re all seriously into movies. But that night the only movies we watched were streamed from my stash of amateur swingers clips. Porn movies with professionals are good, but Sylvia and I really like seeing “real” people get down and dirty. We just find it hotter, and our friends agree.

After dessert, we retired to our media room. I cued up a flick on my laptop and set it to play on our giant flat-screen TV. We settled into the leather sofa sectional with someone other than our spouse — I was nestled against Mackenzie, Ana with Rick, and Sylvia with Jacinto. Everyone’s hands were already getting busy. Mine was creeping underneath Mackenzie’s short skirt while she was caressing my growing erection through my pants. As the movie wore on she took my cock out and was stroking it gently. I looked over at the others and found Ana had taken her top and bra off, so Rick was tweaking her nipples, and Sylvia was getting fingered by Jacinto.

“My cock was ready, and I gently pushed it past the snug ring of her anus.”

Mackenzie took my cock into her mouth and sucked me slowly and sensuously. I was in seventh heaven, but I still managed to keep an eye on my wife as she shucked her clothes so Jacinto could go down on her. We made eye contact as we both received expert oral sex.

Rick brought Ana, who was now completely naked, to the corner of the room where Sylvia and I had set up a passion pit, complete with pillows, dildos and lots of lube. Ana dropped to her knees and took Rick’s cock in her mouth.

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