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Last September, as the weather turned and showed the first hints of fall, Marissa and I would walk the trail.

It was right near our dive apartment off campus. Our classwork was light at the beginning of the semester, and we liked to stroll in our free time. Some days it was too warm, but some days it was cool enough that we held hands and glanced up at the trees to see if the leaves had started to change yet.

“Oh, look at this,” she said one afternoon.

We were both done with classes for the day. It was still slightly warm, and the trail, for whatever reason, was deserted.

“What’s this?” I peered over her shoulder as she took a swig out of her water bottle.

“A new pavilion, tables and some benches. Let’s check it out.”

I followed her as she stepped onto the concrete pad and examined the facilities.

“Look at the benches. Pretty lux,” I said dropping onto one and sprawling out. It almost held my full height of six-foot-three.

She looked down at me, shaking her head but smiling. “You’re a goof.”

“Come on. Come see. It’s sturdy and new, and — oooh — chilly!” I shivered playfully since the pavilion’s roof cast a dark shadow, a harsh contrast to the warm sun that had been beating down on us.

She shook her head. “I don’t want to break a new bench.”

“It’s steel. I don’t think you’re gonna break it. Even when you’re coupled with me.” I grabbed her wrist and tugged her toward me.

She came, putting up a playful fight but advancing nonetheless.

She plopped down, and I yanked her gently until she spread her body over mine the way she did when we were in bed.

“Am I heavy?”

Per usual, I rolled my eyes and groaned. “Never.”

She rested her head on my chest, and we listened to the birds.

“See, it’s a ritzy bench. Only the finest, broadest, strongest benches for our trail.”

“I can’t believe how deserted it is out here today,” she murmured.

“Me either. But it is on the warm side. People want the leaves to change and the chill to come.”

She played along. “They want to wear sweaters and boots.”

“And hold mugs of hot beverages in their gloved hands.”

Marissa laughed. “You’re a goof.”

“Kiss me.”

She kissed me, and then surprised me by sliding her hand along the front of my jeans and dragging down the zipper.

“Hey, now.”

“Hush,” she said. “Let me take advantage of you.”

I watched her as she moved over me. She drew my cock from my pants and wrapped her lips around the head. Her mouth was silken and hot, and I groaned. Her action was very unexpected, and somehow that made what had always been amazing even more so.

She looked up at me, staring into my eyes as she sucked me. Her small hand moved up and down my shaft, gripping me tightly. She swirled her tongue around my tip, licking me in a way that stole my breath.

She pulled away to ask, “Is this okay?”

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