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Duane was licking me like he had all the time in the world, and he was driving me crazy.

I bucked my hips impatiently, but that didn’t speed him up any. To the contrary, he slipped his hands around my raised legs to grip my hips, and then his tongue began to move even more slowly.

“I’m never going to come that way,” I hissed. “I’ll just go insane.”

“Hmm?” he hummed in reply but otherwise ignored me. The noise rumbled through my pelvis. His tongue revolved around my clit in intoxicating swirls. I clutched the bedsheets and bumped my hips upward again.

“I could slow down even more if you’d like,” he mumbled lazily, before blowing a hot breath on my clitoris.

I groaned and tossed my head, thinking for a split second I saw someone in the doorway. But his roommate, Mickey, was supposed to be away for the night. No one could possibly be there but us. Right?

Duane regained my attention by pushing a finger into my cunt and finally speeding up his teasing tongue. I grabbed his head and began chanting, “Like that. Like that… ”

I came with a growl, and he gave me a look that seemed to say: “See, I got you there.” My pussy flickered and clutched at his thrusting finger. I wanted his cock in me.

“Flip me over, fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I demanded as I giggled. We usually had to watch our volume because of the roommate situation. But that night I was being as loud as I wanted because we thought we were alone. We’d even left the door open!

“Has anyone ever told you you’re pushy?” Duane asked with a sly smile as he obliged and flipped me onto my tummy before pulling me up onto my hands and knees.

He held my hips and slid his cock into me slowly, making sure I felt every inch of him stretching my pussy and filling me up.

I opened my eyes, and that’s when I saw I hadn’t been wrong before. Mickey was standing in the shadows in the hallway. I hadn’t heard him approach because we’d left the TV running in the living room, and the canned laughter from the sitcom had covered the noise of his approach.

I was pretty sure he didn’t think I could see him. I knew that much because he had his hard dick in his hand and was jerking it wildly as Duane finished pushing himself into me. What a sight!

I played like I was unaware. Excitement curled through me knowing we had a watcher. I couldn’t tell Duane. Not yet.

Duane held my hips tight and fucked me hard, rocking me with every thrust. My hair fell in my face, but even through the blonde strands I could see Mickey staring and masturbating. Our own personal pervert. Um, I mean, audience.

I came when Duane reached under me and dragged his fingertip over my swollen clit. I was so wet, it made him crazy. When he came inside me, I climaxed again. Mostly because I heard Mickey groan softly out there in the hall as he shot off into his cupped palm. It was so wicked and wrong — and thrilling.

Mickey immediately hurried away as I flopped onto my back.

“Mickey’s home,” I announced.


I nodded to the door, and Duane got up and pushed it shut, locking it in a rush.

“He was watching us.”

“Jesus. I’m sorry. I’m gonna kick his a — ”

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