Earth-Shattering Pleasure

Earth-Shattering Pleasure

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Seeking solace in the great outdoors, a woman finds the female lover of her fantasies and experiences earth-shattering pleasure.

Burnt-out and vulnerable, I was ready to be swept away by something vast, soothing and stronger than myself — stronger than any of the travails of relationships and career and city living. And the great green forest wasted no time weaving its spell over me.

These were my days away. Away from everything that had made me sad, edgy and angry for the past months. I didn’t much like myself in my overwound state. I was concentrating too heavily on my job and neglecting my emotional well-being, which ended up leaving me numb. And not a good numb, either. Not the ethereal numbness that’s almost like an epiphany, which comes after a bout of really good sex.

No, I hadn’t been as lucky as that.

I’d had lovers during this past hectic stretch. But they were part of the problem, rather than the solution. Little busy creatures who flapped about distractingly in my cage before flitting away. Altogether unsatisfactory and unsatisfying.

So, I’d granted myself these days away in the woods. To the cabin I’d gone, my grandfather’s cabin. Granddad is long gone now, but I sensed the kindly old man in every beam of his rustic getaway. I could even still vaguely smell his pipe smoke in the air.

I had gone up there before, to those hills, as a young girl. He’d take me fishing at a nearby stream. I never caught a thing, but I loved hearing his stories, tales of magical creatures who roamed these very woodlands.

Now I was there again, coming up into these brisk elevations by way of a rough, winding road. I stood out on the timber porch, breathed deeply and looked off into the forest — and let that forest look back at me, as if it were a single, sentient entity, recognizing me from days gone by.

“Hello, old friend,” I murmured.

I was answered by a warm breeze that sighed through the trees. No city noises at all, which was almost its own kind of sound.

I was alone. On a whim, I stepped off the porch and headed toward the stream, trusting memory to guide my way. Soon I heard the gurgle of the water. Already some part of my spirit was at ease.

A memory came to me as I gazed at the clear flow of the water: Lori. Wow. I hadn’t thought of her in some while — or hadn’t thought of her with such clarity, without the background babble of all the rest of the shit going on in my life.

Lori. My woodland sprite.

We’d met during my second year of college in a botany class. She was a pretty girl, with a kind of elfin face and short platinum hair. I didn’t even quite understand at the time that I was attracted to her. I’d never done anything sexual with another woman before — or since.

One bright sunny day, students were sent into the field in pairs. There was an extensive woodland preserve north of the university, and we were to explore our assigned patches of it and identify as many items of flora as we could.

So, into the woods I went with the cute, pixieish Lori.

She had always seemed very shy in class. But outdoors, she was friendly toward me, smiling and giggling when I said something funny.

I caught her giving me these intense stares when she thought I wasn’t looking. There was a kind of blazing look in her eyes, and I couldn’t help but respond. The attention awoke a tingling in me, the kind of arousal I’d only ever experienced with men up until that point.

I didn’t really know what was happening, but I felt comfortable just going with it, whatever “it” was. I was acutely aware that we were alone in our patch of paradise, with just the trees and the open sky.

The day was warm, and we were both sweating. That was when we came upon the stream. Without warning, Lori tossed down her notebook, where we’d been recording our observations. She said, “I’m going to take a dip, Jolene.” With that, incredibly, she started peeling off her clothes. She rushed, as if she’d psyched herself up for the stunt and was afraid of chickening out.

Shocked and intrigued, I watched her strip. Her body was beautiful. Perky tits, trim lines. She was absolutely delectable.

Arousal flared hotly within me. My nipples hardened beneath my khaki shirt, and wetness streamed from my pussy. I was looking brazenly at my naked classmate — and she grinned back at me, apparently liking the attention.

“Come into the water with me,” she said huskily.

As if in a trance, I unbuttoned my shirt and skinned off my hiking shorts. I hesitated before removing my panties, then before I knew it I’d stripped those off as well. I was completely nude. Outdoors. Naked before the hungry gaze of another woman.

I had no idea what would come next. This was brand-new territory, an erotic landscape where I was a stranger. I looked to Lori, the only other inhabitant of this tantalizing realm.

She stepped into the stream. Water splashed up her calves, then her thighs. She dunked herself entirely before standing back up, glistening with her platinum hair dripping wet.

She held a hand out toward me.

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