Day One

Day One

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Day one: This was it. The first day my wife and I were going to try having an open marriage. It was also the first day of spring, which seemed a good time to start. I was anxious, excited, eager.

I felt it was the right move for us. Julie and I’d been married a year, and it had been a good one. But we had been honest with each other. We still felt sexually attracted toward people we met or already knew. Somehow our wedding vows hadn’t wiped that away.

For me, there was the bagel shop employee who had nice curves and big tits and was wonderfully flirty with me. She’d more than once hinted she would seriously like to take me to bed, my marital status notwithstanding.

Julie, too, got hit on regularly. She was a very attractive woman, and she was drawn to men other than me, just as I was attracted to women who weren’t Julie.

We had been open about our feelings. Neither of us wanted to part from the other. Julie possessed my heart in a way no other woman ever had.

But my cock had ideas of its own.

My wife understood. We were too lively to be pinned exclusively to one another forever. We would stay married. But we would give each other permission to go out there and screw around.

And we were raring to explore our newly declared freedom.

On that first day, we both set out for our jobs. I stopped at the bagel place, eager to see the flirty blonde. But I was told she was off that day.

I went into the office with new eyes. Everyone looked a little different to me. Well, the women anyway. Though there were strict rules about fraternization, I could still steal a few harmless covert glances at some of the decidedly attractive ladies employed at the firm.

Suddenly, I was aware of curves and cleavage, of makeup and perfume. The world felt wide open, even though I would never consider any kind of an affair with a coworker.

The day passed in a happy daze. When work was done, I headed toward home. During the drive, Julie texted me: “Met a friend. I’ll be home late.”

I stared at my phone until the traffic light turned green. As I drove on, I examined my own reactions. It was plain what the message meant. My wife was with another man and was likely being entertained in a carnal capacity!

But I didn’t feel the ugly bite of jealousy. Julie was a lusty spirit, and that energy had been repressed during the past year, despite her very true feelings for me. Having been set free, she was just using her body as she liked.

I decided not to go home. Instead, I went out for a steak dinner at a ritzy restaurant I’d previously gone to with Julie. The pretty waitress recognized me. She had a nice smile.

In her friendly manner, she asked where my wife was. I said she had plans of her own that night.

“Oh?” the waitress asked, tilting her head. A mischievous sparkle twinkled briefly in her eyes.

Later, when she brought me the check, I asked on impulse, “You got any plans this evening?”

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