Boss Lady

Boss Lady

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Being an executive is exciting and rewarding.

Making the decisions that will lead our company to success or failure gives me a huge adrenaline rush, but sometimes I’d wonder what it would be like to give up control to someone else — especially in the bedroom.

Some men my age seem put off by my success, but younger men exude a level of sexual confidence that could never be affected by the balance in my bank account. They’re perfectly suited to take a successful woman like me to task, enabling me to relinquish my power in the pursuit of mutual pleasure.

One particular younger man caught my interest in a big way. My personal trainer, Shane, has always been an extremely tempting flirt. He’s also about 15 years my junior. Though it’s fun to indulge him during our sessions, I never thought it wise to take our relationship out of the gym. That is, of course, until he confided that he enjoys women who surrender to him in bed.

It was a comment I couldn’t ignore. One day when I was home alone, I finally plucked up the nerve to call Shane and ask for a “special session.” He agreed immediately. I texted him my address, slipped into my silk robe and anxiously waited for him to arrive.

When the doorbell finally rang, my heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest. I pulled the door open slowly, peeking at Shane from around the edge of the wood.

My eyes slid over his body, lingering on his legs. Dark denim stretched across powerful-looking, muscular thighs. A thick bulge beneath his zipper had me licking my lips.

I ushered Shane inside, quietly closing the door behind him. “Thank you for coming over,” I said.

Shane smiled, grabbing my wrist to pull me closer. “I’m always happy to help my favorite client.”

Shane tugged at the silken cord that fastened my robe.

“I like this,” he murmured, his gaze meeting mine. “It makes it easy to undress you,” he tugged at the cord, whipping the material so that my robe fell open, exposing my naked body.

His fingers fisted around each end of the cord, and he held it up, pulling it tight with a snap. “I think I’ll use it to tie you up and make you mine.”

My mouth went dry. The badass who rules the boardroom was swallowed by a bout of shyness. A fiery red blush scorched everywhere from my cheeks to my chest. Unable to look Shane in the eye, I directed my gaze to the floor.

Meanwhile, Shane radiated confidence. He took a hold of my chin, tilting my face upward. “As long as I’m in front of you, you keep your eyes on me.”

I nodded to show that I understood.

“Good girl,” he said with a smile. The pad of his thumb trailed along my lower lip. The gritty texture of his callused skin left my flesh tingling. “Now go kneel on the bed.”

I turned on my heel and headed straight for my bedroom. Heavy footsteps echoed through the hallway, telling me Shane wasn’t far behind. 

Horny and eager to get under Shane, I increased my speed, sprinting to the bedroom like a gold medal was up for grabs.

When I reached my bedroom, I climbed onto the mattress, settling on my knees in the center of the bed. I looked at Shane, signaling that I was ready for his next command.

“Put your hands together.”

I pressed my wrists together, offering them to Shane. One of his large hands circled my wrists completely. Then he wound the silky sash from my bathrobe around both wrists, tying it off.

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