After the Thaw

After the Thaw

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Spring had come, the season when a young woman’s fancy turns to pussy.

Okay, so I was just speaking for myself there. But it had been a bitch of a winter, and now with the sun shining and everything green again, I felt my hormones churning and wanted to fuck every woman I saw who wasn’t wearing a parka.

I worked for the county, and my job in the spring was to check the roads around the big state park. Snow and the subsequent runoff could tear up the asphalt. I had a Jeep that could take me just about anywhere.

So I went bouncing up into the hills, stopping to take photos of any of the problem areas. I breathed in the warming air, which made my head whirl as if it were an aphrodisiac. The crisp blue sky above was such a welcome sight I felt like I should burst into song like Julie Andrews.

When I was at the periphery of the park, I stopped the Jeep. The park would still be closed until the following week. It was a beautiful preserve, with lots of trees, meadows and lakes. But at this altitude snowfall socked it in every winter and made it no place to hang out.

Still, I noticed there were fresh tire marks on the ground. Someone had driven around the gate! It wasn’t the crime of the century, but the paths hadn’t been re-graveled yet and a vehicle could get stuck in the rutted roads.

My trusty 4X4 could handle it, though, so I followed the tracks, just in case some dumbass needed rescuing. It wouldn’t be the first time. Sure enough, a quarter of a mile in I came across a car stuck in the mud. But when I checked it, I found it empty. Was somebody trying to hike out? I hadn’t spotted anybody.

I decided to head farther into the park. The road got too muddy even for my rugged ride, though. So I left the Jeep, took my binoculars and walked onward, keeping an eye out.

The beauty of the day was still intoxicating. My nipples rubbed against my shirt’s fabric, and a naughty thrill tickled me. The last pussy I’d had was two weeks ago, a woman who claimed she’d “never really been with another woman before.” Sometimes that can be fun, but this particular shrinking violet was so high maintenance that by the time we actually got into bed I was almost exhausted.

Around me birds were flitting and chirping through the trees. In the distance I heard a noise and raised the binoculars. Ahead was a lake. It was a mirror-bright oval, full of snowmelt. As gorgeous as it looked, I wouldn’t want to swim in it.

But to my shock, that’s exactly what I saw someone was doing! I focused the lenses to more clearly see a person swimming the lake’s length. Crazy. It must have been like swimming in the water from an ice chest. The individual had good form, though. After a few seconds, it realized it was a woman.

What I also saw — and what was much more interesting — was that she emerged onto the shore stark naked. She came up onto the land with water glistening on her taut physique and her tits heaving. She whipped her wet hair back and forth, sending golden droplets whizzing through the sunlight. She was utterly beautiful.

But what balls it must have taken to swim in that icy water. That turned me on almost as much as the nude body I was unabashedly ogling through the binoculars. My flesh prickled at the sight of her. She picked a towel off the ground and dried herself. As she turned, I scoped out her fine ass and let myself imagine sinking my teeth into it.

Eventually, she lay down without dressing herself. I pocketed the binoculars and started across the grass toward her. I still had a job to do. With my Jeep’s winch I could get her car out of the mud, but she needed to be at the wheel so I could safely deliver her out of the park.

I didn’t try to sneak up on her. It was bad enough that I’d been leering at her from afar without her knowing it. Then again, it was a public place, even though nobody was supposed to be there.

As I neared, I heard sounds, like someone in distress. I started running, announcing myself, “Hey, are you okay?”

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