A Lesson in Lust

A Lesson in Lust

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After I failed several business law quizzes, my professor suggested I visit the college’s tutoring center for some help.

The course was a requirement for my major, and I really didn’t want to be forced to repeat it. Graduation was so close I could taste it. If getting my diploma on time meant swallowing my pride and bending to a bookworm for my final fall semester, I was prepared to do that.

When I arrived for my first session, I was directed to the back of the learning center where a tiny blonde sat on a stool, hunched over a desk. With her back to me, all I was able to see was a tiny, tapered waist that flared out to lush hips. A creamy band of skin lay exposed between the hem of her shirt and the waistband of her jeans.

When she turned to greet me, I knew I was fucked. Ice-blue eyes sparkled behind her glasses, and her thick black frames screamed sexy nerd. Her smile paralyzed every part of my body but my dick — which chose that moment to stand at attention.

Sitting so close to Leah in semi-privacy and not jumping her bones was one of the most difficult things my horny 21-year-old self has ever had to do.

One afternoon we were forced into a tiny study cubicle. Our knees bumped on and off the entire time. They were the simplest, most innocent touches, but they sparked fire under my skin. By the end of our session, my erection was straining against the fly of my jeans. How I hobbled out of there without causing a scene is still beyond me.

After a few weeks of mild flirting, I finally decided to bite the bullet and ask Leah out for drinks. Her kind refusal paired with the gentle admission that she couldn’t date someone she tutored took the air out of my sails real fast.

Fortunately, I made it through the final weeks of tutoring without embarrassing myself further. I even wound up getting a B in the course. When I proudly presented my near perfect final exam to Leah she pulled me in for a tight hug. Even without skin-to-skin contact, my cock twitched when her soft breasts pressed against my chest.

Then Leah invited me to an end-of-semester party her friends were throwing. In that moment I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world. Armed with my ego-boosting B in business law, I figured I deserved to blow off a little steam and celebrate.

I hit the house party and headed straight for the keg, and that’s where I found Leah pouring herself a beer.

She looked up at me and smiled, saying, “Hey, James!” She then thrust a beer-filled red cup into my hand before pouring another brewski for herself. “Perfect night to celebrate, right?”

I smiled back and shrugged. “I never could have pulled it off without the help of my amazing tutor.”

Leah laid her hand on my arm. She looked up at me from under heavy lids. “But I’m not your tutor anymore.”

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