50 States

50 States

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My cock twitched in my slacks as I took in the woman’s alluring figure in her snug dress.

Things were looking good with Denise, the flirty hottie I’d met in the hotel lobby bar. We had been sitting together over cocktails, and before long, the night felt alive with promise. I’d hoped we’d be going up to my room before the night was through.

She, however, kept looking at my wedding ring.

“Where’s your wife, Sean?” she finally asked.

“In another state. I’m here for the convention.”

“You do this kind of thing a lot?” She asked the question coyly, but I saw she was genuinely curious.

I answered honestly. “I’ve done it lots. So has my wife. Between us, we’ve slept with almost 50 other people. Almost.”

Denise blinked, then laughed nervously. “Wow. You mean, you both know that the other is stepping out?”

“Yes. We have an open marriage, but there are rules. It’s not a free-for-all.”

She wanted to know what those rules were. So I told her. My wife, Wendy, and I had known before we’d married that neither of us was a jealous type. We also knew we both liked multiple partners. But to make sure things didn’t get messy on the home front, we decided to take only out-of-state lovers. Since we both travelled extensively for our jobs, we could indulge in one-night stands all over the map — and we did.

That also gave us a fun idea, like participating in one of those contests where you have to collect stamps or box tops marked with the name of each U.S. state. Together, we’d been accumulating sexual conquests from sea to shining sea, plus Alaska and Hawaii.

Luck had put my convention in the last state we needed to collect them all. The very last one. “You could be the final piece to our puzzle,” I explained.

Denise looked flushed with excitement. I could tell she felt at ease. Perhaps the concept of “collecting states” made it easier for her to believe I really had an open marriage. I was thrilled to have a shot with this woman and at this last state. It had taken Wendy and I more than two years to get to this point.

Denise grabbed my hand and hurried me to the elevator. On the way up, we kissed ferociously. Her tongue was hot and wet, twisting around mine. I felt her tits pressed against me as her body writhed with excitement. Filled with anticipation, we entered my room.

“There’s one last thing,” I said. “But only if you’re okay with it.”

Denise turned at the foot of the bed; she’d been just about to slip off her dress. I headed to the desk and opened the laptop there. With a few key taps, the video chat screen came alive. Wendy looked out from it, smiling. I stepped aside, and she beheld Denise.

“You’re just lovely, aren’t you?” my wife purred.

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