Young Wives' Tails

Young Wives' Tails

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I had married young, but I was still in love with my husband, Roger.

However, some sort of marital panic was starting to set in. So I put out a call to Carla, who’d been my best friend forever. She’d wed at the same age as me. I needed to find out if she was having similar feelings.

We met at an outdoor café and had afternoon tea, all very civilized and grownup. Carla is a gorgeous woman, with a model’s features and a swimmer’s body. Bob, her husband, was lucky to have married her.

I started cautiously feeling her out about her marriage. But Carla was too sharp and knew me too well.

“Baby,” she said, reaching across the table to take my hand, “What’s wrong? Is it you and Roger?”

The smile felt strained on my face. “It’s more me and me. Roger’s great. He’s attentive, kind, honest. But lately…” I shrugged. “He’s the last man I’m ever going to have sex with. I wonder if I should’ve, y’know, done more guys before I married him. Do you ever feel that way?”

There it was. I’d said it. I wouldn’t have confided in anyone else, but Carla was special. We’d seen each other through lots of highs and lows.

She was still holding my hand. A wistful look came over her lovely face. “Do I wish I’d sown more wild oats before becoming a bride? Or even just one more oat?”  Her words trailed off.

She looked down into her teacup and said, “I’m in the mood for something stronger than this. Let’s go back to my place and have some wine. Bob’s away on business.”

Wine sounded good. She poured it for us in her living room. She and Bob had a nice place, just like me and Roger. On paper, we had both married smart. So, what was wrong?

Thoughtfully, Carla said, “I was thinking about all the men I know you slept with before even meeting Roger. It’s a perfectly respectable number. I got around, too, before Bob. Remember that one guy we traded back and forth during the summer after our sophomore year in college?”

How could I have forgotten! We both laughed about our adventures. There had been other wild times, and Carla had always been around for them. We were sitting together on the plush couch. This time, I took her hand and squeezed it softly.

Then, in a rush, an old memory returned to me. I recalled being in Carla’s dorm, talking into the wee hours. We’d been relaxing together on her bed, best buds snuggling up. But I had felt a stirring. I’d pressed against her, intrigued by her taut body in a way that titillated my senses. We giggled and talked about all sorts of things, but it felt for a while like we were circling toward a more sensual event. I remembered vividly how I’d thought about kissing her. Not some playful kiss, either, but one on the mouth, full of passion. I hadn’t been able to imagine what might have happened after that.

But the moment had passed. Had I repressed that erotic memory all these years?

When I blinked back to the present, I found Carla gazing deeply at me. She’d set down her glass. She reached up and trailed her fingertips delicately over my cheek. In a trembling voice she said, “Let me tell you the total truth, baby. I love Bob. But there is one thing, and one thing only, that man can’t be for me.”

I shivered. The moment was suddenly fraught, brimming on the brink of something fabulous. Carla leaned forward and brought her lips to mine. Her kiss was gentle but meaningful. I felt the need pulsing behind it.

She pulled back and said, “Bob can’t be you.”

I lunged forward and cupped her sweet face in my hands, and that kiss of long ago — the kiss that had never happened — erupted into the present moment. I pressed my lips hard against hers. Carla released a mewl of surprise, and then she was kissing me back.

Our lip-lock turned ferocious and shameless. We weren’t two friends expressing dainty affection. I was making out with her! And it felt so unbelievably good. Our lips parted, and our tongues met, hers slithering over mine. I groaned into her open mouth, determined to lick her tonsils if I could.

She pulled me into her arms, and I clasped her tightly to me, feeling all the firm tension lacing her body, which was as taut as it had always been. I was awakening to its true beauty — becoming wholly aware of the desirability of this woman, not in any abstract way, but with a true erotic appreciation.

Lust flared through me as we continued to kiss, mouths grinding. But my hands were roaming over her body as well. I pressed my palm to her breast, feeling the lush swell of her flesh and her sharp nipple poking through the thin fabric of her blouse. She was reaching around to grope my ass, and as her fingers sank into my flesh, I cried out in rapture.

My clothes felt ridiculous — and so very much in the way. Heat poured from me, and the room seemed to swim. We raked our clothing off one another other. Skirts and tops and panties went flying every which way. Naturally, I had seen Carla naked before, but never in circumstances like these. My blazing eyes feasted on the lavish terrain of her bare skin, those swelling tits, her drum-tight physique.

Looking at the shaven cleft of her damp pussy, my mouth actually watered. I had to taste her!

Carla sank back into the sumptuous couch cushions. She spread her toned thighs, and I lay down between them. Desire crackled over every inch of my flesh as my face hovered over her slick entrance. This was the bigger event that had never happened all those nights ago, that opportunity we had somehow missed. I was vastly grateful that it wasn’t too late for us after all.

“Looking at the shaven cleft of her damp pussy, my mouth actually watered.”

I put my mouth on my best friend’s cunt.

The taste of her sent a jolt of pleasure through me. Every muscle jumped, every synapse rang in my head. Her sharp flavor flowed over my tongue, rousing every taste bud. I wanted more — I wanted to go on tasting her forever.

I summoned all the insight I’d accumulated from having male lovers go down on me and linked that to my womanly awareness of my own body. I applied all that knowledge to eating Carla’s pussy. I licked her folds, snaked my tongue inside and stroked her sugar walls. Then I had at her lovely clitoris, orally worshiping that swollen bud.

Carla rocked and bounced on the wide couch. Her hips rolled as she pushed her pussy hard against my face. When she reached down and grabbed two handfuls of my hair to force my face deeper into her snatch, I thought she was going to drown me with her juices. They streamed out of her, and my happy mouth accepted the waves of wetness. She wailed with her climax, the sound of her joy echoing throughout the room.

When I came up, gasping for air, Carla seized me and licked her honey off my cheeks and chin. She frenched me to share the flavor still coating my tongue. Afterward, she pushed me onto my back and worked her way down my body. She paused to suck on each of my tits, nibbling hard on my nipples until I cried out.

She moved into place between my outspread legs. My heart was working at a skittering pace, and every nerve ending was popping in my flesh. I had never done anything sexual with a woman before. But all of a sudden I’d licked pussy and was about to have my cunt eaten! Every cell in my body sang with delirious excitement.

I felt Carla’s hot breath on my glistening slit. I watched her tongue come out and trace my slickened folds. Like had happened to me, I saw her jump at the contact, like she couldn’t believe the succulent taste of my cunt. She put her mouth fully on me, and I felt her tongue slip into me, teasing and wriggling within me.

I moaned luxuriantly. When Carla went after my clit, my hips started bucking helplessly. I lifted my ass off the cushions and jammed my pussy forcefully against her mouth. She ate me all the harder. Her teeth grazed my throbbing clitoris, and I reached down to clutch her hair. Pleasure blazed over me, erupting from deep within. I poured out my juices and heard Carla’s answering slurping sounds. Her tongue continued to wiggle inside me as my climax overtook me.

After I regained my composure, I pulled myself up and cleaned her face with my tongue. My flavor mixed with hers in my mouth. I remembered a guy asking me to lick his fingers after they’d been inside me, but I’d been hesitant. I had no such reluctance now. Carla’s chin and cheeks gleamed with my spit before I was done.

But we weren’t truly done. Still shivering with arousal, I said, “I want to go cunt to cunt with you.”

She grinned. Obviously the idea agreed with her.

My guess was that Carla hadn’t ever been with another woman either. This impression strengthened as we fumbled at first, trying to get ourselves into the fabled scissor position. I was sure Carla recalled that night in her dorm. Maybe she even remembered it better than me. Perhaps that missed chance had haunted her. It seemed she’d had feelings for me all along. All the energy and affection I’d lavished on her over the years translated neatly into this shimmering lust that consumed me.

Finally, we reached the right position. We faced each other, leaning back on our hands. Our thighs were intertwined so that our dripping pussies could press flush together. I felt her soft flesh against me. Our lips touched, and new furious pleasure danced over me.

We pressed harder together, and we both grunted. Our hips moved, and soon we discovered the right rhythm, the necessary motions for maximum joy. We jammed our pussies together, pressing hands into the couch for leverage.

As bliss blazed through me, I gazed ecstatically at Carla. Her tits bounced as she humped against me, and her eyes rolled with growing rapture. She was the missing piece in my life. I would never stop loving Roger, and I would never have sex with another man. But I realized I couldn’t do without Carla. I needed my friend, and I would need her always.

Our wet pussies squelched together as we crushed hard against one another. Our orgasms hit us at nearly the same time. I felt every bit of tension give way inside me as the deepest euphoria unlocked. I watched that same sexual jubilation consume Carla’s exquisite body.

Together, we rode that awesome climax, now joined forever as lovers.

I couldn’t hide my secret from my husband, though. I confessed every detail to him, and I’d never seen him hotter! We’d fucked like wildcats, and he made me promise that next time Carla and I fucked, he could watch. I agreed — and that’s exactly what we did. It was the best of both worlds. My beautiful girlfriend and loving husband in the same room. I’m a very lucky woman…