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With my full, bouncy tits, petite frame and blonde hair, guys have always flocked to me: the quarterbacks in high school, the MBA types in college, the lawyers at the gym who stare as I do yoga poses between my cardio and weights workouts.

It doesn’t matter that I’m older and married. Even now they still stare. No man has ever cared that I wore a ring, and besides, my husband and I have an understanding. He has his fun, and I have mine. Though I’ll admit I find it especially fun picking up younger men.

I enjoy teasing them in my tight shorts and a top that holds my tits just right. When I catch someone staring while I’m exercising, I take that as my cue to lean lower and angle myself toward them. Why not make gym visits a little more fun, right? I even fucked a guy in his car in the parking garage of the gym one time. As he sat in the middle of his car’s backseat, I faced the rearview mirror, with my hands on the front seats. I slid up and down his huge, hard cock. I’ll give him that much; he had one gorgeous dick.

But right in the middle of me riding him — as I was pushing myself up and down, my hard nipples brushing the backs of my hands as I moved forward and back to take as much of his cock as I could — he stopped us. Then he pushed me aside and pulled out just as I was about to come. What part of me moaning “fuck me,” don’t you understand? And then he reached around and — I kid you not — adjusted the rearview mirror.

He said it was so he could see my face as I rode him, but I wasn’t so sure.

Either way, I moaned with so much pleasure at one point, he moved his hand from the muscles of my burning thigh and covered my mouth. I loved being muzzled — especially when he slid his finger into my mouth. I sucked and sucked as I fucked him, my ass bouncing off of him with every thrust.

But the mirror thing was stuck in my head. What was it for — really? When he moved me off his cock again to reach for the damned rearview, tweaking the angle once more, I put it all together: He needed a better view of himself. He tried to push my head down so he’d feel my mouth on his cock, but I pushed back. My pussy was so wet and aching for more. Was this guy kidding? Good news was: The mirror was now at a perfect angle for me to see something I’d had my eye on for a long time.

My gym, like most, has a reception area, and there’s often this guy working there. He says “hi” to me when I check in. He always gives me the plushest towel and always makes me laugh, even though we only see each other for a few minutes. I’ve found myself timing my gym visits for when I think he might be on duty. He seems shy, and I never see him working out, but I’ve really liked the moments when our paths have crossed. It’s weird, but over the weeks we’d encountered one another I’d begun wondering what his mouth would feel like on me, how he would fuck, what he’d like me to do to him. And then there he was — going up the stairs to his car on the next level in that same parking garage.

I pulled my panties back on and said to the narcissist next to me, “This was fun, but I gotta go.”

He protested, of course, and he begged me to suck him off. Wow, he just didn’t get it. He had all the parts: nice dick, nice face. But not a care for anyone but himself…

I grabbed my bag and sweetly said good-bye, hopping out of the car and heading across the parking lot briskly, before he had time to protest or even get his pants on to pursue me. I was straightening my workout clothes as I went, so that reception guy wouldn’t think I hung around the gym’s parking garage fucking people. I strode across the lot, quickly reaching the stairs and ascending them with ease. On the next level I caught sight of my crush, waving to him as I neared his car. He had already started his vehicle but recognized me, waved back and waited for me as I bounced up to his window.

“He moved my panties aside and sank his cock into my hot, slippery cunt.”

My panties were so wet, I almost felt like I was coming already, but I knew I had to play it cool. He was so shy.

“Hey, you need a ride somewhere?” he asked me as he rolled down his window.

“Yeah, sure,” I said just so I could get in his car. I was so flushed, and there was so much wetness streaming between my legs I thought I might stain his seat. But I wanted in, and I wanted — so bad — to fuck this guy. I was afraid what I might say next would ruin everything.

So instead, I got in, turned to him, smiled and reached impulsively for his belt. Poor guy — he looked really confused at first, so I took my time unfastening his buckle and slowly releasing the button on his jeans. By the time I got to his zipper, his huge cock was straining against the seams. Thank God, I thought. I was aching and creaming and longing for a proper fuck that wouldn’t stop, and I knew he was my ticket to where I needed to go.

He stilled my hand, and I almost cried. I almost begged him to fuck me. But all he wanted was a change of position. He got out of the car and walked around to open my door. But he didn’t lead me to the backseat. Instead, he took me to the back of the car, near the garage’s cement wall. He opened his trunk so we were sheltered from the view of anyone else in the parking garage. Then he leaned me over the lip of the trunk, moved my panties aside and sank his gorgeous cock into my hot, slippery cunt.

He was behind me taking long, delicious thrusts. My cunt was slick with excitement and pure pleasure. I almost wished I wasn’t as wet as I was so I could feel even more of his long, thick cock driving in and pulling out. I kept stretching my body deeper into his car’s trunk, as he held me at the fold of my hips and drove his cock deeper. He did this little move as he penetrated, spiralling his hips so his cock would angle up a bit inside me as he drew it out. Who knew the guy at reception was such an expert?

My hands skittered across the floor of his trunk and rested on some jumper cables. My young lover rocked me with the rhythm of his thrusts, but then slid his left hand to my torso where his huge, warm paw landed on my tummy, holding me in place. He was reaching areas deep inside my cunt that had never been touched before. I was doing everything I could not to moan and avoid drawing attention to what we were doing. If anyone interrupted us, I would be crushed.

As my fingers clutched the cables, I started to get a dirty idea. I pulled them out and into his view, wondering if he’d get the hint. He did, and I was delighted.

“Ah, I know what you want.” But I was pretty sure he didn’t.

As he pulled his cock out of me, I pushed myself up from the edge of the car. I wanted to taste his beautiful cock. I wanted to look up at him from on my knees, on the pavement, and devour the dick that had been bringing me such pleasure. He let me blow him for a few minutes, but then he lifted me to my feet.

“Every muscle in his body tensed as his climax threatened to overtake him.”

I grabbed the cables from the trunk and gestured toward his spacious backseat, urging him onto his back. I took my time wrapping the cables around one wrist, then the other. Then I pushed my full weight on him, holding his arms above his head, allowing his tongue to brush my tits as I got into position. He’d shown me what he could do. Now it was my turn.

With one of my hands against his bound arms and the other angling his beautiful dick into me, I slowly slid down his cock. I ground onto him taking him as deeply as I could, and he quickly hit bottom. I was stretched to the limit and packed with dick, but it felt perfect. I was surprised and relieved and grateful for this.

I rode him slowly until he begged for mercy. Every muscle in his body tensed as his climax threatened to overtake him.

I pulled my dripping cunt off him and leaned over him to push one of my tits into his mouth. He reared up and bit and sucked me greedily. It was like my nipple was a hot wire directly linked to my clit. I felt the tug and pull of arousal as he suckled and nipped me.

I loved the way his mouth felt on me, but I wanted so much more. My cunt was already seizing. I had to get his cock back inside me. I shoved him back again, arched my back and slammed down hard on his dick. It took only one more thrust before we both came hard. My cunt spasmed so intensely I never thought it would stop as his cock spurted deep inside me. We were writhing and groaning as we surrendered to our pleasure.

I moved my hand from his wrists to his mouth, sliding one of my fingers in and out, feeling both his sucking mouth on me and his throbbing cock in me.

I sat up with his softening cock still twitching inside me, and I noticed his car didn’t even have a rearview mirror.

I knew I’d have to tell my husband; he’d think it was funny.