Woodland Creature

Woodland Creature

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I slid the coffee cup across the counter and yelled, “Tall decaf café latte with coconut milk for Sharon!”

Then I promptly untied my apron and yanked it off, broadcasting the message that I was officially done for the day.

I hit the bathroom, washed my hands and tried to decide if I wanted to eat something or run home.

I came out of the employee break room to the normal hustle, bustle and chaos of the coffee shop only to spot her. Her. My feet stopped working, and my eyes zeroed in on her jeans, and by God, I wasn’t hallucinating. It was her.

I had two major tests in the morning, a shift after classes tomorrow and finals were approaching. Yet, none of that crossed my mind because I’d been waiting for the woman with the star pants to come back for ages.

And she had, wearing the very pants that fascinated me.

I made my way to the end of the line and stood behind her.

She was small. I’d only served her once, and she’d reminded me of a fairy or some magical woodland creature. She was at least 12 inches shorter than my six feet, and so small I felt like I could tuck her up under my arm and run off with her — whisk her away to some romantic place where she’d give me the time of day.

Despite her petite nature, she was curvy, and her heart-shaped ass fit perfectly in those faded jeans that, for some inexplicable reason, had stars all over them. The stars themselves were only a hair darker than the jeans. They almost looked like the ghostly afterimage you see when someone takes a picture using a flash.

She wore her hair shorn short for the most part with a shock of voluminous bangs in the front. The top ridge of her right ear was pierced, and she had a small tattoo at the nape of her neck.

She must have felt me looking because she turned, glanced up at me, and then smiled. I exhaled a bit too forcefully. The exhalation made her eyes widen, so I tried to smile back. It was easy because I had gotten to see that her eyes were a vibrant blue the color of those tropical waters they show in travel magazines.

“Sorry,” I managed. “Rough day. Deep breath. Zen. All that shit.”

Her eyebrow went up, and my dick twitched. I had no idea why I was so fascinated by this girl. Or why I’d been so taken with her the one and only time I’d seen her. All I knew was she was back and I’d been waiting ages, hoping she’d return. I’d been plotting my attack so to speak — how would I woo her? How would I try to get her to go out with me?

I’d be damned if I missed my chance, even if I did end up looking like an idiot.

“Oh!” she said as her face blushed prettily. “You work here, right?”

“I do.”

“Then why in the world are you in line?” she asked as we advanced.

I was studying the way she’d highlighted her bright eyes with dusky kohl, so I was on a time delay as my brain tried to convince my boner not to become too obvious.

“I am hungry,” I said.

She cocked her head.

I shook mine and laughed. “That didn’t sound robotic or anything, did it?”

She smiled wider.

“I’m hungry. I just got off my shift. I was going to get some food and take it home.”

“Long day?”


“I’d have eaten elsewhere.”

“Discount,” I said. “Plus, you.”


The line shuffled forward some more, and I followed right behind her.

“I’ve been waiting for you to return.” Best to be honest. “And that sounded old-fashioned as shit, didn’t it?”

She turned to face me and smiled. “It did. I like it.”

“Those jeans,” I said, shaking my head.

“What about them?”

“I remember them. And you in them. And… yeah. I’m going to shut up now.”

She surprised me by turning fully to face me. “I remember you, too.”

“You do?”

“I do. And I like what you said. I live around the corner. At least, I do, again. I was gone for months because my place was being remodeled. I was at my mom’s. Come eat at my place.”

She thought about what she said, and I had to stifle a laugh as she turned bright red.

“Okay,” I said. What else could I say?

She got her drink, and I got my food. Then we left together. I walked to work every day, and she apparently walked to the shop. So we strolled together to her small apartment building. It had been a large house that had apparently been split into four small apartments.

“I’m on top,” she said.

“Good to know.”

“She came fast and hard. It was effortless, and we melded together perfectly.”

She laughed and then there was that red color rising in her cheeks again.

She led the way up the steps to the second floor, and I watched her ass as she went. My cock grew hard again, and I chewed the inside of my cheek to try and keep my shit together.

The moment we were inside her apartment, she turned and grabbed me. “I was with someone then.”

Her mouth met mine, and I didn’t bother to question her. I pressed her against the wall and kissed her in return. I pressed my pelvis to her super-tight star-studded jeans and felt the cleft of her pussy lips.

“I get it,” I said.

“I have a confession,” she said.


I put down the bag with my food, cupped her ass and held her to me.

“I went into the shop to see if you still worked there.”

That was all I needed to hear. I yanked at the button of her jeans, and she thrust her hips forward to meet my seeking hands. When my fingers fumbled, she helped me. Between the two of us we got her pants down, and I sucked in a breath to find her bare beneath.


“Yeah, I don’t wear underwear often.”

“Oh,” I said again, dropping to my knees and parting her thighs. I pushed my face to her pussy and inhaled the scent of her. I felt her legs shake beneath my hands and held her thighs far apart as I leaned in to lick her. I lapped at her pussy and sucked her clit roughly. She mewled and arched and wiggled, and I did it again, drawing on her hard until she gasped.

I pushed my finger inside her cunt. She was so wet and hot it was like her pussy had a fever. I curled my finger in her depths, feeling the warmth and the softness of her pussy.

“Again. More. Harder.” She jabbed her hips at me as I pushed my fingers deep and suckled on that tiny nub.

It only took another minute or two of stroking her with my tongue and fucking her with my fingers. Then her small hands were in my hair and she was tugging as she bucked her cunt against my mouth roughly. When she came, she sobbed like the world was ending, but her body trembled with pleasure.

I stood and scooped her up. “Bed.”

“Pull-out sofa.” She laughed and then pointed toward the archway into the  next room.

Thank God the sleeper was already pulled out. I dropped her as softly as I could, but she still bounced. She tugged at her shirt even as I was yanking at my jeans. I pulled my pants off and almost fell over getting out of my boxer briefs. I tossed them both behind me as I took my hard-on in hand, studying her there on the bed, naked and petite and everything I’d ever dreamed of. Her short hair stuck up like some exotic bird, and when she smiled at me, my cock got so hard I feared it would snap off. I wanted to bury myself in her heat and fuck her until we both forgot our names.

She sat up swiftly and put her hands on my hips. She parted her lips and looked up at me. I let loose a sigh and dragged the tip of my cock along her lower lip. She licked the trail of pre-come I left there. Then I dragged the tip along her upper lip.

She moved slightly, sucked my cockhead into her mouth and swirled her tongue over the sensitive skin.

I gritted my teeth. I didn’t want to come, but damn, she was making me hot.

She kept those bright eyes wide open, and she pushed her Cupid’s-bow lips down my shaft and inhaled through her nose. I felt my cock brush the back of her throat and thought my knees might buckle. Her small hand moved to cup my balls and gently squeeze. My eyes drifted shut, and I thrust into her mouth with as much restraint as I could muster.

She sucked my cock with vigor until I had to shove my hands in her hair and tug softly to stop her. “I’m going to come if you keep that up.”


“So, then it will be over.”

“And you want to fuck me before it’s over?”

I could only nod.

“Good,” she said. “That’s what I want, too.”

She scooted back on the bed and held out a hand to me. I dropped to my knees on the mattress and took her hand, letting her draw me down.

“Kiss me.”

I kissed her like my fucking life depended on it.

She parted her thighs, and I nestled my erection against her dripping-wet pussy. When she moved me so I could drive into her I thought I might die.

“You’re so hot inside. And wet.”

“Hot and wet,” she echoed. She shoved her hands beneath her ass and raised her hips to meet my every thrust. She came fast and hard. It was effortless, and we melded together perfectly.

“Faster,” she said. “Another one’s coming.”

“I’m going any second,” I said, looking down into that pretty face.

“Good. I’ll come with you.” Then she laughed at her own joke.

I let my body press down on hers as my hips pistoned. Her small breasts mashed to my chest. She leaned up to kiss me and then bit my lower lip. The spark of pain did me in, and I drove deep and fast and said, “Coming.”

Her response was to cry out as her orgasm rocked her. I shook as I emptied into her.

“Sarah,” she whispered.


“That’s my name.”

“Oh, shit.” I laughed and told her my mine. “It’s really nice to finally meet you.”

“Ditto,” she said.