The Stopover

The Stopover

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We heard Jacob in the next room of the big lakeside cabin, talking on his phone.

He sounded whiny and defensive, and all of us guys who’d come up from the university for the weekend exchanged curious looks.

Finally, Jacob came in, pocketing his phone.

“Uh, look,” he said. “Something’s come up.”

Everybody groaned in disappointment. There were half a dozen of us, and we’d been looking forward to this getaway that Jacob had been promising us for weeks. Now it seemed like it was going to be canceled before it really got started.

Jacob continued: “We don’t have to leave. But… ” He bit his lip, embarrassed. “My mom has to stop by and pick up some signed documents she keeps here.” Jacob was mortified; we were not.

His words sparked a round of relieved and raucous laughter. I had a different reaction to the news. My cock suddenly stiffened and a film of sweat broke out over my body. An image of Jacob’s mom, Vera, sprang vividly into my mind. I had known Jacob the longest, since middle school. I was probably the only guy there who’d met her before.

I was a good-looking college guy, and there were plenty of interested chicks around who were my age. And I certainly didn’t get the hots for every 40-something woman I met. But Vera was someone special.

“We were all about to go down to the lake anyway, right?” Jacob said, still looking mortified. “So let’s go. My mom’ll come and go, and we can still have our weekend.”

The other guys continued to give him a hard time, but everyone followed him outside. It was a brisk walk down to the expansive lake, where the swimming was good.

It wasn’t that Jacob had anything against his mom, per se. But this was his first time at the cabin with just his friends, and we all wanted to feel like independent men, Jacob most of all.

I definitely didn’t have any problem with his mom. Or if I did it was because I’d had a schoolboy crush on her for, like, forever. She’d seemed like a fantasy creature to me, alluring and unattainable in the real world.

At the water, we all raced out onto the little pier and dove in. We swam and splashed at each other, having a high old time.

I was having fun, but a tantalizing picture of Vera continued to beat in my brain. She had always been nice to me. The last time I’d seen her was when Jacob and I went off to university together. She had given me a smoldering smile and a kiss on the cheek, asking me to watch out for her boy. It had — again — embarrassed the hell out of Jacob, but the contact gave me an instant woody. I thought I saw a sparkle in her eye. Every night for the following week, I had jerked off to the memory of that kiss.

Why not go for it? I suddenly asked myself. Jacob’s dad was out of the picture, and Vera might welcome some young studly company. I seemed to have the perfect opportunity.

I swam away from the others, who were too busy being jerks to one another to notice my getaway. I slipped ashore and started padding through the trees and back to the cabin in my dripping swim trunks as my heart pounded.

When I saw Vera’s car parked out front, anticipation surged in me. The others would be at the lake for hours, probably. I went up on the porch and opened the front door.

Vera straightened up from where she was digging in a desk drawer. She recognized me, and a familiar sparkle seemed to light up her eyes. She was as gorgeous as I remembered, her figure firm, her face still model-lovely, with those graceful cheekbones and full lips.

“Why, Denny,” she said happily. “Look at you — getting my rug all wet.”

I started to stammer an apology, while she disappeared into the bathroom and came back with a big towel.

“Come on, out of those soaking trunks. Dry yourself with this.” It was something she might have said to me if I was still 10 and had come in with her son from a rainstorm. Her laugh came out as a purr. “Don’t worry, I won’t peek.”

She turned away, which was good. When I stepped out of the trunks, my hard-on sprang out prominently. I swiftly dried myself, then wrapped the towel around my middle. I had to give some reason for being here, so I said, “We were swimming. But I got a leg cramp.”

She faced me again with a smile on her sensuous lips. “Poor Denny. Come over here. Tell me where it hurts.”

I followed her to the big deep couch and sat. I didn’t even mind her calling me “Denny,” even though I went by Dennis now. I pointed to my right leg.

“Put it up here,” she said, and I turned and set it in her lap. Though I’d had plenty of sexual experience with college girls, I was unnerved by this older woman I still desired. She seemed so worldly, like she was four moves ahead of me.

When she started to gently knead the calf muscle of my right leg, the contact brought every nerve in my body to life, just like when she’d kissed my cheek. This felt a lot less innocent, though — if indeed that kiss of a few months ago had been innocent.

Suddenly, I was second-guessing everything. Vera’s fingers worked into my flesh. Without any transition, she was now massaging my thigh. I looked down, bug-eyed, and watched her hands slip under the towel. She continued to smile as her fingertips grazed my balls. Then she took hold of my cock, which was so hard I could have cut a diamond with it.

For a racing heartbeat or two, I thought I was going to come right then, but she squeezed me around the base of my dick and looked deep into my eyes.

“Let’s not waste this time, Denny,” she said huskily.

I sat frozen for a heartbeat, then responded. Our lips parted, and our tongues met in the most delicious kiss of my life.

Knocking away the towel, she lunged toward me and pushed her mouth onto my dick. She was serious about not wasting time! She shoved me onto my back and whipped the towel off my body completely.

Standing now, she grinned down at me. Her hungry eyes devoured my naked body as she got out of her own clothes. For the first time, I was looking at her nude, and all of my fantasies seemed on the verge of coming true.

She lay down on me, and I pulled her tightly against my body. We kissed again, even deeper now, our tongues dueling madly. I groped her full ass cheeks as she ground her shaven pussy mound against my straining cock.

Her hard nipples poked my chest, the sensation making my mouth water. I had to have a taste of them. She moved up to let me suckle greedily, giving me time to nibble her yummy nips, then she began climbing up my body. When she put her knees on either side of my head, I understood what she wanted.

She lowered her pussy onto my mouth. The first taste of her was like the nectar of the goddesses. I swiped my tongue up and down her moist slit, then stabbed up inside her. I felt her intimate warmth as her juices slid over my chin.

“She squirmed underneath me, and I began to seriously hammer her.”

Desperately horny, she ground her pussy onto my face. I put my hands on her hips and let her impale herself over and over on my tongue. Then I licked and sucked her clit; it seemed to pulse with excitement. She made a quavering sound that rose in pitch. Finally, she let loose a cry that made me thankful the lake — and my buddies — were so far away.

I lay there panting as she climbed off my face. Before I could recover, I felt her hot breath on my cock. I lifted my head just in time to see Vera’s mouth drop fearlessly all the way down my veiny shaft. She swallowed me right to my balls, like she didn’t even have a gag reflex.

Pleasure consumed me, and she cradled my nutsac as her head bobbed rapidly. She made appreciative sounds, apparently finding me as tasty as I’d found her. Her cocksucking skills were impeccable — perfect suction, no uncomfortable graze of teeth. I realized I was reaping the benefits of her substantial sexual experience.

Like a master, she sensed when I was approaching the brink. Before I could jet in her mouth, she lifted her head. “I want your come in my pussy!” she said.

Sounds like a plan to me, I thought eagerly. I sat up, and she flung herself back into the deep cushions, spreading her toned legs. Her pussy glistened like the entrance to nirvana.

In an instant, the fantastic splendor of this moment struck me. How rare it was for a dream to come true. And how beautiful a culmination this was. I’d long since done away with my virginity, but it was like Vera was opening the world of true manhood to me. I’d fucked girls. Now I was fucking a woman.

I moved on top of her. I teased my cockhead around her pussy lips for a moment. She liked that. She put her hands to her tits and squeezed the full mounds, trapping her nipples between her fingers.

Finally, I sank my staff into her. I didn’t rush the moment. Every inch was worth savoring as I felt her gradually enclose me with her silken heat. Her hips moved, already starting a cooperative rhythm. When I was all the way in, I just held myself there. Her face hovered before me, and then we kissed, very softly, tasting each other.

The tender spell quickly broke, and I started to stroke into her. We moved together like oiled engine parts, matching tempos effortlessly. She met me with sensual upward thrusts. I pushed down into her, each plunge a little harder than the last.

Our speed increased, and our bodies slapped together. She squirmed underneath me, and I began to seriously hammer her. I drove into her deepest places, seeking to bring her the greatest pleasure. Arousal was buzzing in my bones and singing in my blood.

Her fingers sank into my shoulders like claws, but that only stimulated me further. I fucked her like a madman as I felt my nuts pulling tight. Ecstasy was about to rip through me — and Vera, too. She bucked crazily, moaning and writhing.

The sight, the sensations, they were all too much for me. My come jetted out in spurt after spurt until I fell, totally spent.

Vera held me and cooed in my ear, “That was beautiful… Dennis.”